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Home » How to earn $150 per day by LIKING VIDEOS | Make Money Online 2022

How to earn $150 per day by LIKING VIDEOS | Make Money Online 2022

How to earn $150 per day by LIKING VIDEOS

Today, millions of people are searching for side gigs with minimal effort to participate in to earn just a little extra every day. Surely, the idea of making money online is not a new one with tons of opportunities out there. Today however, I want to discuss a unique method of doing so with a platform that is almost 2 decades old. I’d show you how you can use this website to earn 150 dollars per day by liking videos. Oh yes, you heard that right. There are people out there willing to pay you a good sum of money to go and like their videos on social networks like youtube, Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook. Why, you may ask. Well, if you have watched some of my past videos on earning money with micro-tasks, you’d understand a little better on why content creators do this.

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RapidWorkers is a crowdsourced service with more than 100 thousand employees. The Rapidworkers team helps individuals, small businesses and professionals to create low cost publicity and marketing campaigns.

03:00 – SIGN UP
Click on the tab written – New member? Sign up now. Fill in your name, email, password, and country. Remember rapid-workers accepts workers from all over the world.

Say you want jobs just from youtube. that’s including; watching youtube videos, liking these videos, and making comments. You can simply head back to the top, fill in the keyword youtube in here, and hit enter.

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Any depictions of wages or income are simply aspirational estimates of your prospective income. There are no assurances that you will achieve the same outcomes. Your work ethic, experience, etc., will all have a direct impact on your outcomes as business has a certain amount of risk. Nothing in this video should be taken as legal or financial advice because I am not a financial advisor.


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