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How To Earn Money On YouTube Promoting An Affiliate Product

Check out my CASE STUDY VIDEO at: You’ll learn how a single YouTube video generates affiliate sales on autopilot.

Did you know you can earn a lot more money on youtube promoting an affiliate product than earning money from adsense ads on your videos?

YouTube receives billions of views every day so why not utlilize some of that traffic to promote an affiliate product on youtube?

1. Look for an affiliate program to promote
Go to
Click on affiliate marketplace
You can search for products in the search box
I’m going to click on “software services”
Ok here’s the product “instabuilder 2.0 The Ultimate WordPress Marketing Plugin”
So if you want to promote that just click on “promote”
You’ve got to set up an account with Clickbank
So I can earn 50% for each paying customer that I refer to this product.
Click “create”
Here’s the affiliate link to the product
If I want to paste the link on my web page just copy this URL and paste it in my web page.

Other affililate programs you can take a look at include JV ZOO, Amazon, Conversant, even Walmart.

2. Do keyword research
One of the easiest keyword phrases would be “product review” so in this case you would choose “instabuilder review” as your keyword phrase.

Put that keyword phrase into youtube you already see 9000 results of people using that same keyword phrase
I would suggest getting more creative and finding a way to rank your video for a different keyword phrase
So let’s go to the keyword planner
Ok here’s the google keyword planner
Search for new keywords
If we go to the sales page we can choose a different kind of keyword phrase
So let’s look at “drag and drop software”
Put that in the keyword planner
Click “get ideas”
Here I’ve got one “drag and drop website builder”

If we look at the top of the results we can see a number of videos here already it’s not using exactly the phrase “drag and drop website builder”. Many of them are over 1 year old.

3. Create a short review video about your affiliate product
A quick way to create a review video is to simply go to your sales page and then record the screen of the sales page,
Scroll through it and talk about the main features of the product
You can use a free online screen recording software like screencast-o-matic to record the sales page.

4. Add a call to action at the end of your video
Add a graphic to the end of your review video that gets viewers to click the link in the description.

5. Optimize your video so it will rank in the search engines
Make sure you include your keyword phrase in the title, description and tags of your video
Keep your privacy settings on private until you’re ready to publish the video.

6. Publish your video
After you’ve finished optimizing the video simply set your privacy settings to public and publish the video. In this case I’ve published it already so I’ll just click “save changes”

7. Promote your video
After you’ve published the video go down to the “share” button and share it on the social media sites.

Other methods of promotion include embedding your video on your blog, notifying your email list, sharing your video on related facebook groups, froums and google plus communities.

Keep in mind it may take a few days for your video to rank depending on the competitiveness of your keywords. If it doesn’t rank on youtube or google within a week or 2 start an incoming links campaign to boost its rankings.

Every time someone purchases the product by clicking on the affiliate link in your video you’ll receive a commission. The beauty of this process is that you get paid over and over again.

Check on my case study video “How a single youtube video generates affiliate sales on autopilot”

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How To Earn Money On YouTube Promoting An Affiliate Product

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30 thoughts on “How To Earn Money On YouTube Promoting An Affiliate Product”

  1. how do you ensure your video isn't flagged as spam and get you banned? I made some affiliate-link product reviews like you describe in a separate account dedicated just for video reviews, and after about 1-2 years of being fine and everything going smoothly, one day that whole account got suspended / terminated overnight with no warning – taking all the 30 or so videos I made offline. I was wondering if maybe you need to make sure you tick that Content Declaration box in the Advanced Settings that says: "This video contains paid promotion such as paid product placement, sponsorships or endorsement" or maybe you need to write something in the description like: "This video contains affiliate links" – to keep your account safe. What do you think? (I've tried asking youtube via email but it's really hard to get a normal non-automated answer from them! They keep telling me to fill in some form to appeal my suspension when all I want is to better understand how to use affiliate links within their terms and respecting what they allow)

  2. Hey, great videos. What's your opinion on the "paid product placement" tick box mate? From what I've heard generally Amazon affiliate links and such aren't really required for this and it's only really for a brand deal? Thoughts? Keep up the good work.

  3. I'm an Amazon Associate/Affiliate. I have links in the description below my video to a product on amazon along with a statement such as "this is what I use", or something to that effect. That's it. Do I have to do anything else. When I look at other peoples videos, there is no statement such as "I'm an amazon affiliate". And so I don't. Do I have to? Why does no one else do that under their video with amazon links. Lastly, please, can someone tell me, do I have to check one of the boxes on the bottom far right of the advanced settings just to use an amazon links ["This video contains paird promotion such as paid product placement, sponsortships or endorsements?]

  4. Is this only for new products? Can I try and sell something that has been on the market for years i.e. piano sheet music? I feel a lot of people ask me where I get my piano sheet music for my piano covers.

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