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How to Edit Like HOT ONES! – A Video Edit Breakdown

Want to learn the secret behind HOT ONES success? In this video breakdown, we’ll cover what makes their video editing style so unique.
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45 thoughts on “How to Edit Like HOT ONES! – A Video Edit Breakdown”

  1. Love this video of one of my favorite shows. I'm glad I am now able to notice all of the things you are talking about. I'm working on including all of these options. Eventually, I can have someone else do the editing.

  2. Hey Daniel,
    I was wondering if you start using a "L" cut in a video should you stay with using the same cut fir the entire video, or is it OK to change between J and L cuts

  3. Ones of the things I love most are the sound and visual effects that emphasize words or actions the guests say/do. Little highlights/movements and relevant sounds make their videos extra crispy.

  4. Nice cross sell, Daniel! I've used the general Hot Ones format to answer audience Q&As and came up with some cool sauce progressions and a couple of really cool hot sauce showcase montages, but I can't pretend mine are anywhere near as interesting as FWF's because of all of the elements you outline here. I think in a few years, more people are going to realize this show was the most revolutionary interview talk show format that has been devised since the 1980s, and more shows are going to borrow the elements that make it unique.

  5. Ho man that was interesting and is good to know how to edit well.
    I am starting to implement some things I have learned with.
    Thank you so so much for all the tips and tricks.
    Kind regards der friend God bless peace โœŒ๐Ÿ™

  6. Well you definitely introduced me to a new channel to watch! Lol!! And very cool video on your part. This one was different and had some short explanations that make it easy to remember. Thanks again buddy! Best wishes…

  7. Hi Daniel. Is there a software download link to old Filmora X, I can't find it keeps referring to Filmora 11.. Just updated to Filmora 11 and is giving me issues, lags, freezing etc…

  8. Thanks for this. My little channel is still struggling (because I don't upload enough) but my vids have improved from watching yours. I even did the Indiana Jones Map thing in one of them. Much appreciated!

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