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Home » How To Find The Best Affiliate Marketing Niche

How To Find The Best Affiliate Marketing Niche

How To Find The Best Affiliate Marketing Niche
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How To Find The Best Affiliate Marketing Niche


50 thoughts on “How To Find The Best Affiliate Marketing Niche”

  1. Just checking out SEMrush and I see they have a lot of things to help with writing content for SEO! Supercool – I'll be signing up with your link after work today! Curious, what theme do you recommend for WordPress? I'm very familiar with using WP to build sites, so it makes sense for me 🙂

  2. Hi Greg. I just signed up to SEMrush, free trial, using your link. I used Topic Research for like 5 minutes and then it stopped because it is limited. Do you know how is that limited, 5 minutes total, or 5 minutes daily? Thank you!

  3. Been following you for awhile, am from Papua New Guinea🇵🇬, started my store and your tutorials have done me wonders. Havent made any sales yet but am confident that your coaching will reap me benefits soon. God bless you man, keep doing what your doing😊😊😊

  4. Hello!

    Thanks for the amazing video, but i'm having difficulties finding a niche with a good keyword keyword diccifulty %, i have a niche in my mind but it's difficulty is 93%, should i keep searching or just go for it? It's going to be my first ever affiliate website…

  5. I have a random question, If I have a broader website based on Topic A which is semi hard in terms of competition and efficiency, but some articles will be on a subtopic that is really good, is this still advisable?

    EG, the website is about Cars as the topic (very broad and hard), but 1972 Alfa Romeo GTV Car as a subtopic is really good volume and not difficult, so there will be articles on those included on the broader hard website. Is this still effective? (its not my topics, but id like to build out this website into something a bit larger longterm including a free tool for users to help decide which item to purchase based on dropdowns, but the longterm is not a very efficient or easy topic).

  6. Hi Greg I’m a huge fan! What do you think about posting wine related products on a wine blog site or horse related products on a horse blog site? Do the products have to be exact to the blogs or just related?

  7. Hello Greg.
    Do you happen to have any examples of websites that I can see with an good example of 30 blogs and the 3 different types of articles on it if you don't mind. By seeing an example I get a better idea of putting my own website together without plagiarizing anything of course.
    Hope all is well! Excellent channel Greg!

  8. Hi Greg, for product niche sites would you suggest buying the products first and using them ourselves before promoting? what's your thought on this?

    Also please make a video on how to do research and write original content for websites.


  9. Good video. Question: One thing that is still not clear to me is: When one has an Affiliate Marketing website, is it supposed to be devoted to one niche only? For example, can you have a website that deals with 3 unrelated niches or would this be awkward?

  10. Hey Greg, thanks for the dope content! Question: After writing articles with the van conversion niche that you used as the example, how do you monetize? What program/product do you sell the readers?

  11. Really enjoy your content and the integrity to show exactly what you do and how you do it. Personally tired of all of the fluff you tubers, even the most known with massive following. It’s refreshing to be on your channel! Thanks! 🎉🙌🏼

  12. I really just want you to know how much I appreciate seeing someone who is genuine in this world. Thank you for the clear, concise information. And thank you for not leaving out half the information and selling dreams.

  13. Hii Greg, I just wanted ask that after I have found a niche using semrush, but we will also need a product… Without that how we will create income….So most of the such unique niche like converted Vans in you video… How will you find a a product??

  14. Hi, I am a beginner at affiliate marketing. I plan to choose relationship niche. But I don't have any idea that what product should I promote. Please help me to pick what type of products do I pick.

  15. Hey Greg, thx for the tips. I'm a bit confused tho. Since obviously Amazon doesn't sell wine the only thing you would talk about in your 30 articles would be wine sets? Cause I thought about doing the same with whiskey, which I love, but it seems a bit harsh to write so much about something restricted as wine/whiskey sets

  16. Hey Greg, I hope you're okay. I've started my own website after I did all the proper research. The search volume and key word difficulty were a lil bit better than your microgreens. I've already done 2 articles and just now I realised that when you type my niche in google huge well established websites pop out and now I'm afraid my page will never be visible. What would you recommend?

  17. Hey Greg, does the strategy of posting only 30 articles on a website and leaving it alone after that still work? Since most people say that there need to be regular updates in your page to keep it in google pages

  18. Hello Greg, thanks so much for all the information. Please my question is that is it possible to have start a Blog that has covers a broad Major Niche/ topic such as Interior design or Healthy Food for example, and then find Very good topics based on your research method you taught with Semrush and write on those topics within the same blog, since all these topics fall under the major Niche/topic in Healthy Food or Interior design…I would really appreciate your advice on this. Many thanks

  19. Hey Greg thx so much for all the help. I have a question for you if I may. I'm passionate about books and I wouldn't mind open a blog in which I review all the books I go through every single week. The problem is that I've been told from different affiliate marketers to stay away from low ticket products like books. Creating this project wouldn't be as harsh as doing it for niche that I don't care about but it'd still be work so I'd obviously need to be able to make some money eventually out of it. I'd really appreciate to know you opinion on this. Have a great day 🙂

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