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How to fix Hitachi radio cassette player TRK10 Boombox

In this video, I’m going to show you how to fix the Hitachi radio cassette player TRK10. This is a common problem that can be fixed with a quick fix.

If your Hitachi radio cassette player TRK10 or any other Boombox isn’t working properly, this video is for you! I’ll show you how to fix the player quickly and easily, so you can get back to enjoying your music. This video is a must-watch if you have a Hitachi radio cassette player TRK10, and want to keep it working like new!
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2 thoughts on “How to fix Hitachi radio cassette player TRK10 Boombox”

  1. I have to say I wouldn't have been able to leave it like that, although I have busted stuff trying to get it apart before and then spent three months trying to find the knackered part that resulted.

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