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How to get AI to make you $400 a day

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In this video, I’m going to show you how to use AI to make you $100, $200, or even $900 a day as a side hustle or as a solopreneur without needing to hire a team or any employees at all.

This is literally the exact path I would take if I had to start all over from scratch today but it’s also something you might want to consider if you’re just looking for a few ways to add a little extra cash without needing to do a whole lot of extra work.

And the secret is that we’re going to be using AI in order to provide one of the most profitable, in-demand, and future-proof services available. Something that every business out there knows about, wants, and needs.

So, let me show you how it’s done.

🚀 Here are the resources mentioned in today’s video:
1) HighLevel:
2) Metricool:
3) Digital Marketing Academy:

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24 thoughts on “How to get AI to make you $400 a day”

  1. It’s not only about copying and pasting information from chat gpt. It’s also about reading the information and adding your own ideas to the content or else everybody else will end up having the same content 😒

  2. Adam, how do u even have time to try all these new apps and platforms? It seems like every Saturday and video in general u keep introducing at least one more app that would help with marketing…seems impossible. Are there top 3-5 you would recommend?

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