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How To Get Epoxy & Acrylics To Work The First Try | RK3 Designs

Today I’m teaming up with my friend Marcy, the Mixed Media Girl; to show you the diy tips for making beautiful turntables using acrylic and epoxy!

Flood Coat Tutorial:
Marcy’s Channel:

0:00 – How To Get Epoxy & Acrylics To Work The First Try
0:23 – How to make sure epoxy will work with acrylic paint
2:27 – Which acrylic paint to use with epoxy
2:52 – How to pour acrylic paint over on an epoxy turntable
4:33 – How to use a diy hair dryer to paint beautiful acrylic and epoxy lazy susan
6:44 – How long should acrylic paint dry for epoxy flood coat
8:01 – Where to learn more about epoxy flood coat

In this video, we used products from the Mixed Media Girl shop:

RK3 Designs is a learning studio focused on teaching how to create beautiful epoxy finishes using Stone Coat Countertop Epoxy. These tutorials include epoxy countertops for kitchens, bathrooms, and much more. This channel provides tutorials for DIYers, contractors, designers, or artists.

Rhonda Dracoulis Founder and Primary Instructor
RK3 Designs started as a way for Rhonda to showcase her creativity but has blossomed into a way to help others find theirs. Her obsession with painting led her to start refinishing furniture and kitchen cabinets. She found customers wanted a nicer option than laminate but more affordable and customizable than natural stone, which lead her to countertop epoxy! Since then, she’s helped thousands of students, from across the country (and even Canada eh?).

If you prefer a more hands-on learning experience, book a class with Rhonda today: RK3 offers numerous classes that cater to different levels of experience.

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  1. Love it… I have watched MMG before!! I also liked it before you spun, because seeing the negative spaces of white made it look more organic… do you have the links you spoke of? Unless I missed it, I didn't see any?

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