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How To Make $100 FAST From YouTube Shorts and Affiliate Marketing

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In this video, I cover the BEST WAY How to Make MONEY FAST With YouTube Shorts and Affiliate Marketing WITHOUT Showing Your Face! How to make money with youtube shorts has been a trending topic along with youtube shorts monetization which is why I decided to cover how to do this with affiliate marketing 2022.

So have you been curious about how to make money from youtube shorts? Then try this to make money on youtube shorts using digistore24 affiliate marketing free traffic!

This could very well be the easiest affiliate marketing for beginners tutorial. For starters, here’s to make money online 2022.

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The free traffic method will be youtube shorts to get tons of free traffic on your affiliate product sales page.

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8 thoughts on “How To Make $100 FAST From YouTube Shorts and Affiliate Marketing”

  1. Sir, I watched and enjoyed most of your video. I even started to follow your process and was going through the steps as you made it seem easy enough. I signed up last night and ended up getting a call from someone "from InVideo" on my personal cell… This is NOT okay. Do not sign up as they shady. The thing is I never put my actual number in either…. Definitely shady and there are costs and shadiness when signing up for Jasper as well. Crazy that some people on YouTube are REALLY here to help others but just to profit from them.. Smh. Good luck sir.

  2. Hi Jon, thanks for the video!
    About traffic to youtube shorts,
    1. is it enough just to type #short for the video to be on air and show up randomally on people phone?
    2. There is a way to get views for for specific audient on youtbe like crypto with hashtag or something else?

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