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How To Make A Career On YouTube (Works For EVERYONE)

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33 thoughts on “How To Make A Career On YouTube (Works For EVERYONE)”

  1. I've been taking YouTube serious for about a year now, although I've had my channel for many years. I recently became monetized and to me, that's a significant accomplishment because less than 10% of all YouTube channels reach that milestone. If you are monetized you are in a very small group of influencers who make a difference. I've followed Think Media for years and use the advice Sean and his team graciously offers and it's starting to pay dividends. For those who are reading this don't give up! This platform will continue to grow and it's not too late to start something you have a passion for. I still have a "day job", but my ultimate goal is having the freedom to do what I choose to do. ✌

  2. This was a very refreshing video for me to watch. I have been toying with the idea of creating a channel for something I enjoy, and I have overthought and put if off for a long time. Watching these vids, as well as seeing the subject matter at the right time has truly helped in my decision to move forward! Keep up the great content and information!

  3. GREED is reserved for those who make money at any and all costs, including destroying other people's lives, reputations and their livelihoods, which ultimately translates into the way they treat the planet. MONEY is a reality of our lives (unfortunately), and we must generate our own financial security without deliberately harming someone else.

  4. I haven't heard an opening soundbite like Roberto's in a long time. It really hit me hard "you're working for free!" So right, I will stop right now as there is no benefit to my audience or to me. Thank you!

  5. As a new channel thank you for this! I just started my channel a month ago and have started with affiliate links. I'm actually blown away by the response to my channel and excited to keep growing this and seeing where it takes me!

  6. what people don't realize is there's a gross influx of creators within the last 3 years, and arguably more people in the history of the internet are trying to make a career off it . good luck weeding through the noise   👍

  7. I have been trying to balance that 9-5 with building a channel, and the idea of solely working on weekends is interesting. Rn i average less than 10 hours a week, but with that strategy I could easily boost it, which I might try out

  8. Great advice, Roberto! I just added your book to my cart! My son is 16 and recently monetized. It’s crazy how fast he is growing now after several years. He wants his future to be in content creation and I think this book will be great for him. I’m also going to have my husband read it, because he can’t wrap his head around WHY my son should be putting his time into YouTube and not a traditional teenaged job for the “experience.” The world is different now, and why work for someone else when you can work for yourself? I’m looking forward to reading it myself, I’m only 20 subs away from being monetized and I need the time management and encouragement!

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