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Home » How to make an AMAZON AFFILIATE WEBSITE 2017 – With WordPress, Woocommerce and Woozone.

How to make an AMAZON AFFILIATE WEBSITE 2017 – With WordPress, Woocommerce and Woozone.


Learn How to make an Amazon Affiliate Website. View some example sites with earnings here:


In this video I take you through how to make an Amazon Affiliate Website with WordPress. The site you’ll be making allows you to own a mini ecommerce affiliate website with a Woocommerce powered shopping cart. When your visitor goes through the checkout they are seamlessly redirected to Amazon to make their purchase. With a 90 day cookie, any purchase made within this time will earn you a commission! If you don’t fancy a checkout and just want direct links, you can do that too.

Check out the DEMO site here:

For all the info check out the full tutorial on my website:

This video tutorial includes everything you need from setting up your hosting through to creating the site and adding your products. You’ll also learn about SEO, what makes a successful site and how to add content. Don’t worry if you’ve never setup a website before, I take you through everything step by step as you look over my shoulder.

Amazon Affiliate Website essential links:

Here’s the resources mentioned in the video. You’ll need these to complete the tutorial.

Hosting – Hostgator (use discount code EAGLE30 or EAGLEPENNY depending on your plan):
Kingdom Amazon Affiliate WordPress Theme:
Woozone Amazon Affiliate plugin:
AA TEAM support docs:

Recommended Links:

These are all mentioned in the video, and you might find them useful.

Fetch FTP software (Mac):
WinSCP FTP software (Windows):

Recommended videos

Choosing a niche:
Connecting to your site with FTP:
Amazon Affiliate website promotion (playlist):
How to create a logo:
Using firebug to edit CSS:

For the CSS and other codes visit:

What is an Amazon Affiliate: 01:13
Choosing your Niche: 01:55
How much can earn as an Amazon Affiliate
How much does it cost to setup an amazon affiliate website: 03:58
Setting up the hosting: 07:46
Repointing an existing domain name: 17:40
Install WordPress onto your hostgator hosting: 20:00
Logging into your WordPress website: 23:03
Removing unwanted WordPress plugins: 24:57
Updating WordPress to the latest version: 26:34
Downloading and Installing the Kingdom Amazon Affiliate WordPress Theme: 28:03
Installing essential Kingdom Theme plugins: 32:24
Downloading and installing the Woozone Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugin: 33:44
Configuring Woocommerce: 37:11
Increasing the server PHP memory limit: 38:36
Configuring Woozone: 44:30
Amazon Affiliate Explained: 45:35
Creating and adding your Amazon API keys:
Entering your Affiliate IDs: 51:22
Kingdom Theme Options: 54:06
Adding your logo: 54:22
Setting your website colours: 55:57
Adding Amazon products to the site: 59:29
Adding your website navigation (menu): 01:04:49
Adjusting the “as of” text on products: 01:11:44
Setting up the homepage: 01:15:33
Adding a slider to the homepage: 01:26:57
Adding your static pages, like the about us: 01:35:25
Setting up the header menu: 01:38:15
Adjusting the header text: 01:39:20
Configuring the website footer: 01:40:58
Adjusting the permalinks (URLs): 01:42:29
Removing the white background on the partner logos: 01:45:21
Footer Widgets: 01:49:23
Setting up the blog and adding some blog posts: 01:53:08
Adding your social media profile links: 02:04:54
Basic SEO settings: 02:05:53
Outro: 02:20:48


49 thoughts on “How to make an AMAZON AFFILIATE WEBSITE 2017 – With WordPress, Woocommerce and Woozone.”

  1. created website, created content, amazon didn't approve to become an Amazon Associate or grant access to the Product Advertising API, and I am no longer able to access my affiliate account, I don't know why but I know hands away from them, your videos brought me to become an Amazon affiliate but this was the worst decision ever and I am not the only one who experienced this….

  2. HELP. woozone is not allowing me to search anymore products and obtain affiliate links. I have only searched aroun 10. Has anyone encountered this error? Do i need to pay for more?


  3. Thank you very much 🙂 It is truly a great help.
    Btw, I am going to sign up for lazada affiliate program, and these are my questions,
    1) Does this website can be used for lazada affiliate program as well?
    2) What kind of plugin shall I use if I am using another affiliate programs?

    Thanks again!

  4. Amazon do not provide Access Code or Secret Key unless you already have a website that is sending sales to them before they can give you those access. In your video you showed us how to get those access code and key but a warning shows up explaining the reason. Any suggestions?

  5. Need Help! I was cleaning up my site, getting rid of a bunch of products to concentrate on the ones that have sold and afterwards this code appeared on the top of my site: (Warning: Illegal string offset 'woozone-debugbar-session-check' in /home2/charlesfra/ on line 343) and i cant figure out what to do to get rid of it. Please let me know if you have an idea of what needs to be done.
    – Charles

  6. Great video, and thank you for sharing. I have one question. I have a life insurance website ( I am thinking about adding a page dedicated to sell, as an Amazon Affiliate, books, videos, etc., about life insurance, finance and related topics. The question is is it OK to use a page on my website for this, or should I create a new website for the purpose of selling the life insurance, etc., related books and videos?

  7. I have started a woozone amazon affiliate and my question is, should I put that I am an affiliate of amazon somewhere at the top of the site for all to see or should it just be at the bottom somewhere? Please respond. Thanks!

  8. I searched for a mentor I trust which is you I installed a plugin woocomerce affiliate first one crashed my site second one won't install get fatal error message AA support is terrible I need this plugin I cant to go any further to get my site running any suggestions?

  9. Hi Alex, I'm going to build my website tonight from watching this and your updated video, can I ask how your boots boutique site is doing in terms of sales since this tutorial was uploaded? cheers mate

  10. Hey great video. I used all your affiliate links for hosting, theme and plug ins. Im stuck on API access keys. I contacted AMAZON and being that I am still in the approval stage I do not have ACCESS KEYS. Please help/

  11. Can you change the “Add to cart” to “Buy from Amazon” with WOOZONE? And can WOOZONE also ensure you get sales from your non-home countries like you can with EASYAZON?

  12. Great advice for beginners. Another important thing to know – the Amazon app converts higher for many products! Did you know you can update regular Amazon links to open the Amazon app vs. Website? And yes you can append your affiliate tags for tracking! Stop sending traffic to the Amazon mobile website login! It only takes a second >

  13. Hi Alex, I hope you are fine and doing well, Thanks for your beautiful videos, i am living in Austria and in Wozone configuration there is not mention my country name so how can i active my amazon access key or secret key could you please help, I would be really grateful. Thanks

  14. How come my purchase products from AliExpress app for the Amazon Seller site and I submitted the invoice as the seller site request in order to sell those items on Amazon Seller site and they keep denying my products that I purchased to sell on the site can you give me a reason why or maybe perhaps the suggestion on what I can do to get this to get approved because I'm not understand I'm glad I only reach for one product instead of buying a whole bulk of stuff and then find out that I can't even sell the stuff

  15. Thanks Alex for showing your work. The site look good after all that work. Is Partner logos mandated because of EU policites? I guess I am not clear why you added a partner section.

  16. Alex, any hacks around missing Advertising API? Our page is new and Amazon wants the items to be manully downloaded ! Do they expet me to cut and past 100 items into a WooCommerce Catalog?

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