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HOW TO MAKE BANH MI SANDWICHES from scratch! | Mary's Test Kitchen

My bias is BANH MI SANDWICHES! Also known as Vietnamese subs or rolls, this iconic sandwich is endlessly customizable but always super flavourful and in the Vietnamese-style baguette that is banh mi!

I’ve already showed you how to make the super crispy, crackly baguettes ( and now, we’ll make the sweet and sour daikon and carrot pickles, create a creamy plant-based pate (or two), and choose our vegan protein in order to make this the best sandwich you have ever made at home!

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Printable recipe for Banh Mi:


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21 thoughts on “HOW TO MAKE BANH MI SANDWICHES from scratch! | Mary's Test Kitchen”

  1. This looks great, wow! Two things: 1. In case people don't have an East Asian shop near them, you can also find daikon in Middle Eastern & South Asian stores, under the name "mooli". 2. That sweet potato, garlic & miso dip sounds incredible and I will be making it ASAP!

  2. We’ve made the bahn mi without the daikon radish and used cucumber instead as my son is put off by the daikon smell. The sandwiches taste delicious without the daikon. The daikon can emit a scent that is unpleasant to some.

  3. hi !! loved this video ! i love banh mi. but i'm not sure that the arome maggi is vegan. at least in france it is not vegan neither vegetarian, maybe in the north america it is, but just wanted to bring this up in case some european vegan wanted to buy some maggi. 😉

  4. Oh. My. God. You found it. Maggi seasoning is what I've been looking for! I used to eat these amazing fried egg bahn mi, and I could never figure what the flavour was. It's Maggi season. Just bought some. Thank you!!!

  5. I used to work at the bakery in sams club and we sold bolillo bread. It does look similar but has nothing on this bread you've made (I'm sure ones made in local bakeries are much better than Sam's)! Yours looks crackly and amazing but if you're looking, maybe you can find it there if you have one near you 😊

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