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How To Make Money on Twitch By Selling Merch

How To Maximize Your Earnings on Twitch with Merch Sales.

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Twitch creators know that there’s more to being a successful streamer than playing video games all day. Between attracting subscribers, growing a loyal community, and managing sponsorship and affiliate deals, being a streamer means being an entrepreneur and making money.

And an essential part of that business no streamer should be ignoring is merchandise.

Creating your own branded merchandise is an excellent way to level up your business and take back control of where your revenue comes from. Rather than relying only on third-party donations, subscribers, or brand deals, merch is a way to diversify your revenue with something you own from start to finish.

Unlike income from amassing subscribers, which can take time to build, you can start selling merch to make money online as soon as you have a small but loyal following, and long before you apply for the Twitch Partner Program.

Here, we’ll teach you how to make merch for Twitch and walk you through the steps to getting started.
Here’s what we’ll cover in this video

0:00 Intro
2:26 Step 1 – Design Your Merch
3:42 Step 2 – Set Up Your Online Store
5:01 Step 3 – Make Your Merch
6:48 Step 4 – Promote and Sell Your Merch
9:50 Free Shopify Trial

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