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How to Make Money Online Easy and Fast | Start Today at Home or from Anywhere! (Without Investment)

Resources I’m talking about: | Selling your knowledge is a sustainable and meaningful business model. Start creating digital products today, and sell them in your own online store. And/or sell your knowledge and skills as services. If you are a creative or skilled person it is easy to make money online for free and without investment.

To help you build a sustainable business I’m giving you access to my resource library for free:
and (all the resources, links, and plugins I am talking about in the video)

Roadmap (step by step):

0:00 How to make money online as a skilled and/or creative person
0:59 Share your knowledge – start creating & selling digital products
1:08 Passive income without investment (sell your skills, creativity & knowledge)
Post organically or pay for ads?
2:07 Open a store on your own platform, or on Etsy, Shopify, etc.
2:46 Get customers | Post organically or pay for ads?
3:30 How to increase your organic reach

1:33 Easy and sustainable business ideas
4:16 How to decide on wh what products to sell
5.09 Find a profitable niche
5:47 How to sell digital products on your own website
7:09 Workbook templates
7:47 Get a free sales page template from
8:30 How to sell your knowledge & templates, and products on your own membership site
9:28 Free plugins I use to run my own store (on WordPress)
10:17 How I have built my membership site (with only free plugins)
13:09 Create and sell sales page & website templates

17:13 Sales page copywriting
24:50 Get an incredible reach by posting organically on Facebook

27:08 Your lead magnet
28:19 My successful strategy on Facebook

29:57 Welcome to my freebie library:
31:33 How to add services to your income streams

How to make money online easing and fast from home, or from anywhere, without investment. In this video, I will give you a roadmap. You will learn how to get started fast, and to build a sustainable business helping people. You will learn what works right now and how you can build a sustainable business by being genuinely helpful. If you are a creative or skilled person, it has never been easier to make money from home helping other people.

If you can provide something that really helps people in one way or another, then it is easy to make money online. The best way if you want to start earning money online today without invenstment is to start selling digital products. The best way in my opinion! Why I think that is the best way to do it? It is because that’s what I am doing, so that’s what I know something about. So you can watch other videos about other ways of making money online.

If you are a creative person, if you for example are a skilled photographer, or a skilled graphic designer, or a skilled copywriter – then it is easy to create products you can start selling in your own store, or Etsy or Shopify, or on another platform. And you can start making money already today. And you can build an audience really fast now if you are on Instagram or YouTube or TikTok – by posting reels. So, in this video I’m going to give you a roadmap so that you can start making money today fast and easy.

And the easy part – easy is when you’re doing something you are skilled at! So start with something you think is fun and something you are really skilled at. If you are skilled that graphic design for example, you can start creating graphic designs – you can start creating website templates or social media templates.

You can easily open a store by starting on a WordPress site and installing WooCommerce or if you want to get started even faster you can just make a website on Canva and you can link your products to a free checkout on ConvertKit. I will post the link below to an instruction on how to do that. Another alternative is that you can start selling your products on Etsy today.

How to create and sell digital products. Continue watching the video:

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