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Home » How to Play Holi- Get the Most Out of Holi – Kathmandu Nepal – 360 Walking Tour

How to Play Holi- Get the Most Out of Holi – Kathmandu Nepal – 360 Walking Tour

How to Play Holi the Nepali Style? – Getting the most out of Holi in Nepal
Happy Holi 2022. Today we’re talking about when to celebrate Holi in Nepal, in Hindi, “Holi kab hai.” For this Holi in Nepal 2022, we share our happy Holi status 2022. As we walk along I share some travel tips Nepal and Asia travel tips. Holi is the festival of colors and this year we went to Basantapur Durbar Square Holi or ‘बसन्तपुर होली,’ in Nepali or Holi 2078 in the Nepali calendar. The Holi 2022 date was March 17. Holi in Kathmandu is one of the best places so this is Basantapur Holi live. Basantpur Holi or celebrating it in Thamel are both amazing, or even other places for Holi. It’s all good, anywhere in Nepal 2078, but Holi in Basantapur really was fun. Follow along with us at Frugal Travels Nepal as we explore Nepal’s best, happy holidays, which the Holi Festival of Colors in Nepal is just one. So, What About Nepal?

We promised a COVID-19 update: Nepal is open now for tourism with a visa upon arrival if you’re fully vaccinated. I know there are a lot of people waiting to hear the good news. As of January 21, 2022 everyone will need to have a vaccine card in order to go out in public. Be prepared for them to contact the hospital where you got vaccinated.

In today’s travel tips for Nepal, we explore extra items to bring with you. I’ve seen a lot of tourists in Nepal waste money on things they brought so we couldn’t hope to call ourselves the Premier Travel Channel without helping you know what to bring because when we ask, ‘What About Nepal?’ we are often met with questions about what to bring to Nepal. Actually, no channel giving Asia travel tips would be complete without including south Asia travel tips regarding Nepal.

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We provide general Asia tips, but more importantly, we focus on travel tips for Nepal. Our goal is to help you get the most out of Nepal with safety tips, budgeting tips, as well as cultural tips. We sincerely want this to be your best trip ever. We hope to make this your best Travel Guide for Nepal. I know you’ll get a lot of value out of our Travel Tips for Kathmandu, as well as Travel Tips for Nepal. Mostly, we just show you how much value-based enjoyment you can find in Nepal.

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  1. March is the time to enjoy your inner child. First we have Shivaratri, which you can see our video about it when get it up. Then we have Holi, where you can really let your inner child out. No matter your age, it's always a fun day if you are prepared.

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