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How to Sell Digital Art and Make Passive Income πŸ’°

I’ll share my favorite methods for earning passive income online by selling digital art. Passive income is a great way to make it possible to be a full-time artist or make a little side money from your digital art.

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42 thoughts on “How to Sell Digital Art and Make Passive Income πŸ’°”

  1. can i ask for an opinion? i'm an animator and i work very hard on my work. I have shared my paypalme link to many people and places put nobody seems to donate. How to make this work. Where should i share my link to get any donations? Do you have any good advice for places on internet or people who are more generous to donating. Thanks!

  2. Hi Aaron, i just would like to say that with a face like yours your profile "drawing" could look a lot more like you ! This drawing is not you at all. I think. No offence πŸ™‚

  3. For donations you can also use which is very nice and a way of your supporters helping with as much as they can! And I've seen someone on Patreon making rewards for their patrons according to tier, example: "By choosing the 5$ tier you get to see exclusive art/tutorials, by choosing the 20$ tier you get to ask for one sketch per month from me!" something like that!

  4. Do you have to have a property release form for public lands like blm land or back woodsy stuff? It sounds like being a photographer is a pain in the behind… I feel for you. This world is getting too controlling. Copyrights and rights are almost intrusive to the point of stagnating and stunting creation and innovation at times. :/ I mean I also agree with it too to a degree too because I don't want people uploading pictures of me without permissions. I want to know what they are doing with it. I have no problem with ethical public images but where I get irritated is when someone uses your images for disgusting uses like porn bots. I found one of my fb images stolen for that purpose. :/ Yucky. So I can see why the laws are there too. Weird part is all they need is a face… ew.

  5. When you started did you have business licence? Or did you get one after shortly? I know some people say you can't start until you have all your paperwork in order is this true or is there some leeway?

  6. What do they mean, for the stock royalty market, when they ask for a model release or property release document? I would be uploading file images of all my paintings. This has intrigued me so thank you! I suffer from severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder so I am unable to work outside of my home. So this passive income really has given me hope! Thank you and hope to hear from you with the two things I needed clarification on, model and property release document for uploading images of my art….

  7. Hello Can you help me with being able to find a site i can make a page on to sell digital art (not fiverr) i am trying to make money but can not find a comfortable sight

  8. tysm! I love seeing ppl creating digital artworks and I would like to do that myself too, since there is no other job that really fits me and my interests. I never drew anything digitally yet, but I'm about to learn.

  9. Hey man I just watched your video and I can’t find you on Twitter I’d like to get a little more info on selling physical art such as drawing, also is gumroad limited if your only device is an iPhone or do you need a tablet or computer?

  10. I have a question if its say a Disney Character or any kind of copyright… what are the rules? in other words, I drew a picture of a Disney Princess. Or someone draws a coke can. What are the limits? (finishing the video up.. i'll edit if you already say in the video) thanks!

  11. @Aaron Rutten: At 3:05, if I were to buy wallpaper art on Gumroad, and then use it on my youtube video (1 hour documentary), how can I assure that the artist or company involved will not give me a copyright strike sometime in the future? Do I get a legitimate serial # that gives me immunity to copyright issues? I know automates this process, but do these other websites do the same? I'm asking because Storyblocks does not have certain art styles I need (gothic/dark/custom). Thanks!

  12. Thanks so much for your video. Any update or improvement on your zazzle sales since posting this video? I am wondering how cross promotion like this helps. Your page looks great and I like your products. But it does seem like there's a LOT to choose from out there. Has this promotion or any others improved sales?

    Thanks again!

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