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How To Sell Print On-Demand On A Niche Affiliate Marketing Website

Get More Teespring Sales With Affiliate Marketing
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Get More Teespring Sales With Affiliate Marketing


50 thoughts on “How To Sell Print On-Demand On A Niche Affiliate Marketing Website”

  1. Hi SirGreg, I am so confuse in selecting a profitable niche for my t shirt I don't really know what to go for was thinking to start a MUM niche but I don't know how I can make such niche profitable please help me with what to do thank u

  2. Hello sir Greg I have watched ur video good to start! I have a question can I also apply this techniques on other platforms apart from teespring? I want to open another store on another website as well and again please sir can u make a video on using teespring and Pinterest as a beginner to make more sales and know the kind of tags to writer in please do reply God bless

  3. Hey Greg ,hope you are fine .
    I have a question please..
    In my website I can put my products on teespring and others products from amazon for example also or I can put just the teespring products or the amazon products ???

  4. Hey, I recently started a few days ago, and with your tips I got my first sale! Thank you so much for e valuable information! I will keep grinding for the trust score! Is there a way to dm you?

  5. Update, I have a total of 3 sales, and working on designs each and every day, what should be some of the next steps? to go about my journy or what should i learn next that would work well

  6. Hey Greg well I've been on a marathon youtubing your videos for the past week, taking notes and trying to get a teespring acct set up. The only question I have at this moment is do I need to put a little "c" copyright mark at the end of my designs and also should I put my .com as a signature really small in the same place at the bottom of every tshirt? Thank you so much!!

  7. The trust score is applied for 1 niche or for our account. I mean if with my first 40 designs in 4 niches I get the trust score then all my further designs (100 or more) will be automatically promoted by teeapring.
    Could I lose my trust score? All it s forever even if I didn t sell new designs for a while after my first sell. Thanks

  8. Another awesome video, thanks, Greg! Quick question-I have a website and a Shopify store (not active yet) connected to my website as a subdomain. When I have my Teespring storefront, would my process be to write a page about the product (or niche) on my website, then link it to my Shopify store where I would have the product and then link the product from my Shopify store to my teespring product page? Hope I explained that well enough to follow. I also have a merch account (thanks to your awesome video on how to get accepted!!), so would I do the same with my products that I have in merch that are not on teespring? Thank you!πŸ˜ƒ

  9. Hey Greg, what If I have a online cosmetic business on Wix and want to sell t-shirts using Teespring and designed on Placit. Can I still link my shirt designs and other merchandise to the same Wix website if I use this affiliate marketing and adding and paying extra for the links to be on my one Wix website? I hope I explained that right lol. Please I need your help. I want everything on my one Wix website but if they want merchandise it will send them to my Teespring page and if they want cosmetics they will see it on my Wix website along with blogs, videos and such.

  10. I recently discovered your channel and I have subscribed, and started to follow your videos, which I think are really good I like your straight forward honest approach, and I'm learning alot from you. Thank you so so much. Laura in uk

  11. Hi Greg, thank you for all the amazing content. Have you ever leveraged another creator’s niche website or channel who already has an established audience to promote your shirts on Teespring? Did you partner with them?

  12. in order to paste the tee spring link we need to first be part of tee spring affiliate programe right? otherwise you are just pasting the link just like that and wont earn anything. am i right?

  13. Hii Greg I'm new to teespring and i'm currently using social media only to market my listings..

    Thank you for this video tutorial .. but I have a question for you and my question is will It be possible for me to drive traffic using the wix website for my own teespring listing but without the affiliate marketing site??

    Please help me out Greg πŸ˜ͺ and it's such an honour to keep watching your tutorial videos

  14. Hi greg, i want to ask u
    (campaign limit reached) what does that mean? And how can i fix that?
    Teespring does not allow me to puplish new listing since 3 days

  15. Hi Greg! I didn't quite understand regarding the building of the website. Do I need to have other products as well like shoes, or could it be only tshirts from teespring for example?

  16. Hi Greg, first of all I really love your videos, they are incredibly useful and you're such a great and positive guy. I have a question: I have got my RedBubble and TeeSpring stores running (while waiting for Merch By Amazon to accept my application) and in the meantime I created hundreds of designs in two days. I am now uploading them on TeeSpring and RedBubble, but I was wondering why not uploading them on other sites like TeePublic, Society6, Zazzle etc… People seem to recommend them too, but I've only seen you talking in your videos about RedBubble, TeeSpring and Merch By Amazon. Obsl these do the marketing for you and everything, so great reason to use them, especially for a newbie like me, but I was thinking to maybe use other platforms and what your thoughts about this? Do you have other sites recommendations to use? I was thinking about TeePublic, Society6 and Zazzle.

    Also: is there a faster way to upload designs on RedBubble and TeeSpring? I swear I'm not lazy, but it's taking me longer to upload them than actually creating the designs haha. If you do know some tricks I would really appreciate if you could share them, perhaps could be a good topic for a future video…

  17. Hi Greg, wouldn;t it make more sense to link your niche specific t-shirts to your merch by amazon account? That way wouldn't you sell your shirt and also receive a commission for someone using your affiliate link?

  18. Question: Hi Bro, I have a question recently my teespring account got banned, because of a mistake I made in the very beginning of my account. It was when I had not known the teespring policies. I actually used a soccer star's name in one of my designs. Teespring deleted my listing and it was all fine. Then I went on to upload 13 more designs those which had no issue with them. But later teespring disabled my account due to that earlier issue. Now they won't give it back, Now my question is whether I can upload my initial designs that I have uploaded on that previous disabled account which had no problem with them? or will teespring disable this account too ?? Please let me know its because I don't wanna loose those previous designs. Thank You πŸ™‚

  19. hey Greg I want a software that could create a affiliate link for me so as to give it to other instagram and facebook influencers and help me to manage their commission and sales they made for my store. can you please guide me for such a type software. which software should I use ??

  20. You sir are a GENIUS. This is brilliant!!! my only question is would you research niche for POD for this with merch informer or just do it since you are getting traffic through the blog? I ask since both seem to find niches differently. Thank you so much for everything! I just launched a POD store this month and working on a separate affiliate website πŸ™‚

  21. Hey Greg, how to use teespring to track the source of each orders if you are using influencers to drive the traffic and planning to do a commission-based collaboration.

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