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How to Set Up The Kratky Hydroponics Method (Tutorial)

The Kratky Method was first published in a paper in 2009 by B.A. Kratky, and describes a beautiful method of growing plants in a non-circulating hydroponic system. It’s a very simple, yet effective, way to grow plants hydroponically. Great for leafy greens like lettuce, kale, spinach, and a variety of herbs.

I’ve even seen people do Kratky tomatoes or Kratky cucumbers, though I haven’t grown them myself (yet)!


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20 thoughts on “How to Set Up The Kratky Hydroponics Method (Tutorial)”

  1. My hesitation is that it's not a recyclable option, there's no organic matter to compost and recycle afterwards, it's very much a clinical way to produce, fail to see the sutainability of this option… unless we were living in space, even then it wouldn't last long…

  2. Pretty sure the only reason this isn't very popular is because it's too hard to maintain ph levels for long periods of time regardless of the method used.. the longer a solution sits the harder it is to know its Ph values… but good for lettuce and leafy greens I guess.. just not cannabis

  3. So I been looking for something to do in gardening for a long time. I live in the city of chicago and have a small backyard with limited space. I was wondering about how this would work for me. Can I sit this baby out in spring / summer only.. Are there ways to do this in house during cold months? I am literally trying to do basic stuff at home.

  4. Do you have to adjust the PH when growing with this method after the set-up? Because my res goes from 5.5PH to 7PH within 2 days and it affects the lettuce…

  5. While I enjoy most of your content, General Hydroponics is a crap recommendation for nutrients when there are SO many other options on the market that are not owned by corrupt corporate giants (in this case, Scotts Miracle Gro).

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