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Home » How to shoot CINEMATIC VIDEOS on your PHONE | Behind the Scenes w/ iPhone 14 Pro

How to shoot CINEMATIC VIDEOS on your PHONE | Behind the Scenes w/ iPhone 14 Pro

In 10 Steps to instantly achieve cinematic mobile phone videos. From filming to editing, in this video I am sharing my hacks, tips, and secrets. The phone footage in this video was entirely shot on the iPhone 14 Pro.

If you have questions let us know in the comments so I can plan follow up deep dives on certain topics around mobile filmmaking.

My Cinematic iPhone 14 Pro Video:

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0:00 Cinematic Phone Footage
0:48 One | Settings
2:44 Two | Motion
4:06 Three | Composition & Lighting
5:25 Four | Coverage
6:37 Five | Story & Theme
7:49 Six | Tricks in Post Production
9:33 Seven | Transitions
10:44 Eight | Colour Grading
12:31 Nine | Creating a vibe
13:21 Ten | Ultimate Secret
14:52 YOUR TURN!

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32 thoughts on “How to shoot CINEMATIC VIDEOS on your PHONE | Behind the Scenes w/ iPhone 14 Pro”

  1. Nice tutorial, great ideas. Just one question. Is there a way to minimize that iphone’s annoying green dot flare in direct sunlight and low light videos when there are some bright lights? Often my evening videos when there are some brighter lights are useless because of that huge lens flare, it looks like aliens or something.

  2. @joeyhelms Beautiful segmentation of your superb work. I wish I could do 5% of that myself. One question for you: As you said, "shoot in the highest resolution possible, how come you choose 4K 24p over 4K 60p for instance? Looking forward to hear back from you. Thanks

  3. Congratulations for your work, this single video shows off how talented you are. I agree that the quality of the original video recording is what allows to get a better result in the end, but I feel a little disappointed because it seems that the real "cinematic mode" depends less from the iPhone in itself and too heavily on external resources (a very good editing software with lots of cinematic filters), including a clip-on filter lenses. When I saw the zoom in with the foreground locked in focus and the background moving, I thought it was made with the iPhone lenses but it is a complicate trick using software.

  4. there's some good stuff in here for phone users but most of it is "just make interesting shots" which is what's so dang hard for me in the first place LOLOLOL – seriously, what I learned about framing and motion is very valuable so I do appreciate this video a lot.

  5. This is the most informative video for creative professionals in recent times so far. Not boring and packed with more information and tips. I just want to say thank you for sharing your knowledge.🎨🎨🎨

  6. I've seen countless tutorials and this video beats everything hands down. The presentation is so simple and elegant but also powerful and inspiring. ❤ you know how to tell stories don't you 😏

  7. Best tutorial on smartphone video ever. I am an amateur photographer an never tried doing videos with cameras and/or phones After watching your video, I can’t wait to dive into it. Thanks for sharing such amazing content.

  8. Really enjoyed the work and the how you did it video! Curious as to the other components you show if the rig you have used ie. External monitor, white box seen at one point during the video here. Is there a full list ?

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