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How to Spot a Work-at-Home Scam | ScamBusters Guide to Make Money Without Getting Scammed
Here’s a great example of a work-at-home income opportunity scam that’s easy to get tricked by. As part of the ScamBusters Guide to additional income opportunities, I want you to understand that although there are many fabulous ways to make money, there are also tricky scams just waiting to take your money. The one I show you in this video takes your money in exchange for giving you access to a really crappy way to make money, one that almost never works.

Hopefully, watching this video will help you understand more about what’s a scam and what’s a legitimate income opportunity. For more tips and a massive list of great income opportunities, check out our site at


30 thoughts on “How to Spot a Work-at-Home Scam | ScamBusters Guide to Make Money Without Getting Scammed”

  1. Not all are scams. I have found my share of scams over the years. I started in 2008..never made a penny until 2011. The best way I have found is, make sure the "opportunity" offers a product or a service that is actually useful. I ONLY pay for things that are actually useful to me, then to a certain extent I'm happy to pay for them whether I am building a business or not. I do work full time online now and I only pay for the things I need or want. Just like going to walmart…Do you buy anything at walmart expecting to make money with it? No, you buy it because you need or want it. 🙂

  2. I would say ANY company who claims to have opportunity to work at home and make good money…especially if your work is already for sure going to help them make money, such as be an independent mailer, and we will pay you such and such for each brochure you mail on our behalf. or our customers behalf, and we'll supply you with pre addressed envelops brochures, ect, and we pay postage, ect…sounds good…but if they then say ALL IT WILL COST YOU IS…37.95 one time fee, which we require you pay to become a member so we know you're serious!!! Forget it…don't invest and don't work for these people…they are trying to scam you. Most likely IF you paid them, you wouldn't hear anything after that and you surely wouldn't make money. Listen, if you are doing something from home that makes money for a company…they pay YOU…you don't pay them. They supply you…you don't pay for the supplies to start…unless you are buying from a wholesaler and going to market as a retailer…but if you are giving a service, such as mailing…the company needs to set you up and pay you as you provide that service to them…not have you pay them!

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  10. This video is old but it's EVER SO RELEVANT…many reviews are fake online. As I often see job postings on freelancer sites asking people to make fake review videos or post reviews for a company. Great work, although I clicked on scambusters' website and it appears to redirect to a scammy site.

  11. WOW, i just watched that same video, with all the same info, only 47$ today. blah blah blah, i did read the bottom of the page too, Thank God.. i need a job so bad, its a shame im wasting time looking into scams. im talking hours of b.s and still no job… thank God i looked it up do research for now on, b4 i even give my email out…

  12. Wow this is interesting. You know I was just as curious as everyone else about these "work from home" offers and I am looking, as we speak, at this website that offers this "too good to be true" opportunity and they are doing everything that is being described in this video The most shocking factor is the testimonial video being talked about and I'm looking at the same testimonial video on this website with the EXACT SAME girl! The only thing is they mention that she is from Cherry Hill, NJ which is a town a half hour away from me. I'm wondering if anyone else gets a different location with that video depending on where they live. This is so sad. I'm glad I do my research for things like this because it's really bad how there are people out there that can lure you into their traps to capitalize from you. SMH.

  13. Hey scam buster,

    have you heard the rumor that Kevin David is retiring after 24 months? $10 million in the bank, $1 million a month in residuals! He said that His Digital Course Secrets is his LAST offering. Is this just a rumor, or is it true? Do You know for sure?



  14. You know is a scam when the star like this…
    I make 3000 at day with THIS SECRET I'M ABOUT TO TELL YOU…. Then they act like you are about to know it but they say JUST CLICK HERE TO HEAR THE SECRET TO KNOW EVERYTHING…

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  20. I see an ad like this every day on here. One red flag is that the comments and likes on said comments are the exact same within all of them, even the same order. I just want YouTube to stop favoring these ads and start favoring content creators.

  21. It is absolutley insane and disappointing that there are ads and websites that are not genuine. We have to be so careful and not be quick to accept everything we see and hear.

    There should be people who monitor the web, look out for these fake websites and shut them down immediately!

    Thanks for sharing this video.

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