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How to Start a Self-Publishing Company

What you need—and don’t need—to do to get your self-publishing business off the ground.

Going legit with your self-publishing business—ie: starting a real company—offers a lot of benefits for anyone generating consistent revenue on the KDP platform. But is it necessary? And if so, when is the right time to do it, and what are the steps involved? Let’s find out!

*Disclaimer: I’m not a lawyer and this is not legal advice.



USPTO Trademark Database:

US Business Structures:

How to Set Up Your Business in the US:

How to Set Up a Business in Canada:

How to Set Up a Business in the UK:

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15 thoughts on “How to Start a Self-Publishing Company”

  1. Hi Rachel, can I use a pen name to publish kindle books, without setting up a company first, or do I only get to use my personal name when starting to publish books without first setting up a company?

  2. $100,00 before starting a company/business seems excessive unless you created that much income so quickly that you were surprised by your efforts. Did you start branding from the beginning…email list…facebook…youtube…etc?

  3. I wouldn't start a second KDP account under a company name if I were you, even if it is technically allowed under their terms. I've never really understood why anyone would want multiple accounts (unless maybe they were thinking of selling one in the future but that is way down the line and you can always start another after you sell the first) or why KDP doesn't allow it but they are really serious about it so I wouldn't upload books to two different accounts from the same IP address.
    Also, you don't need a business to write off expenses. You can deduct expenses from personal self employed taxes too (at least here in the UK).

  4. Rachel, I've been watching you for awhile – (love the content) and I think what's really stopping me from going KDP is I've heard how complicated it can be to set up an account. Would you consider doing a video on that?

  5. Get busy. This is the perfect business model in my view. Build it once and sell it over and over again. The work I do now is finite. I have to build, rebuild and install day after day. I don't get paid until I complete a job. So, I plan to use that bad business model to build something I can sell day after day without having to build it day after day. I am a contractor, install and repair projects that I do myself but I know there is a better way. I listen to your videos working out and appreciate your unselfish advice. Thank you very much!

  6. Great video. What did you do before you created a corporation to snag customer email addresses? I was thinking to create an LLC and website or at least a landing page to offer a freebie to get the customer's email address. KDP doesn't make it easy to create an email list. Thanks!

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