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How to verify your business on Google

Learn about the different options for verifying your business on Google. Learn more:

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45 thoughts on “How to verify your business on Google”

  1. Ugh, this system is trash. I have been trying to reverify my business and have talk to customer service through the Spanish line because the English doesn't even work… Anyways, So I finally received word back from them today via email and they are saying all I need to do is send a post card. Great, that would be awesome, but it doesn't give me that option! Only video chat…

  2. I verified by post card.. now it's saying.. i need to reverify. Why? But then it says my status is verified. When i get a Google Review.. It says i need to verify my account… What gives?
    I tried to reverify and it's saying information is wrong and keeps sending me back to the home page. This is the most unnecessarily difficult process I've ever had to deal with. Why is there no customer phone service for Google. Really frustrating.

  3. A̬̤̯ S̬̤̯ T̬̤̯ R̬̤̯ A̬̤̯ T̬̤̯ E̬̤̯ C̬̤̯ H̬̤̯ 3̬̤̯ 
    o̬̤̯ n̬̤̯  W̬̤̯ h̬̤̯ a̬̤̯ t̬̤̯ '̬̤̯ s̬̤̯ a̬̤̯ p̬̤̯ p̬̤̯ 
    +̬̤̯ 1̬̤̯  (̬̤̯ 3̬̤̯ 1̬̤̯ 4̬̤̯ )̬̤̯  8̬̤̯ 5̬̤̯ 0̬̤̯ -̬̤̯ 5̬̤̯ 8̬̤̯ 3̬̤̯ 0̬̤̯ 
    D̬̤̯ I̬̤̯ D̬̤̯  A̬̤̯  G̬̤̯ R̬̤̯ E̬̤̯ A̬̤̯ T̬̤̯  J̬̤̯ O̬̤̯ B̬̤̯  T̬̤̯ H̬̤̯ A̬̤̯ N̬̤̯ K̬̤̯ S̬̤̯  M̬̤̯ A̬̤̯ N̬̤̯

  4. A COMPLETE JOKE!. 3 years I have been trying and competitors trying to steal ownership. Postcards are a joke going to an old address. Not to mention, now that most work remote they expect you to video or give your license plate w company logo on your car! Are they nuts! My business is very confidential!

  5. Thanks for such an Informative video in simple language. I received a postcard and accordingly entered the verification code as well. But not sure if the process is completed successfully or not. Because, when I search for the same business on Google Maps, It does not shows, what I am looking for. Please help. Thanks in advance.

  6. Some unknown person appears to have "claimed" the business account awhile ago, strangely they haven't altered anything but added some photos of their organization which has nothing to do with mine. Anyway, can the verification mail card change the "who claimed" the business to correct this?

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