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How to Watch Youku from Anywhere in 2022 (EASY!) 📺🔥

🧨Here’s How to Watch Youku from Anywhere in 2022🎯
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In today’s video, I’m going to talk about how you can watch Youku from just about anywhere in the world. So The Chinese streaming platform Youku has become one of the country’s most visited streaming sites.

Unfortunately, like YouTube, it is blocked in China. Luckily, I found an easy way to access Youku, and it’s called a VPN. It’s a simple app that changes your IP address and makes it appear as if you’re browsing the web from the location of the server, instead of from your physical location. However, not all VPNs do a good job of unblocking content and it can be difficult to choose the right one since there are a lot of VPNs out there. And, so I’ve tested more than 20 of the most popular VPNs on the market and found the best one for watching Youku from anywhere in the world. But before I go over my VPN recommendation, I’d like to talk more about why You Need A VPN To Watch Youku. So, you see, when you try to access Youku, your IP address signals your location to the website. And so, If you’re not in a country with access to Youku, you won’t be able to watch. Meaning that to watch Youku from a blocked region, you need a VPN to bypass the geoblocks. And a VPN masks your IP address by redirecting your traffic through its own servers. This makes it look as if you’re inside of China, which means you’ll have access to Youku. Nothing will stop you from watching Youku and other Chinese streaming services as long as the VPN can mimic your IP address and bypass anti-VPN technology. Just make sure that the VPN you choose is fast enough to let you stream uninterrupted. So now let’s look at my top VPN recommendation that ticks off all of these boxes, which is ExpressVPN! Okay, In my testing, I found that ExpressVPN offers blazing fast speeds which is really important for streaming HD videos from platforms like Youku. It also helps that they have over 3,000 servers in more than 90 countries. Also, You can use your ExpressVPN account on up to 5 devices, which is great because their VPN app supports a wide range of devices and operating systems including Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, and more. I also like that Express promises ultra-high speeds and a reliable connection for unblocking and streaming content. And My tests confirm that those promises are kept and as a result, ExpressVPN is a popular choice for streaming. Another win for Express is that its security features include an automatic kill switch, DNS leak protection, and military-grade encryption, so you don’t have to worry about your personal information falling into the wrong hands. And so, that is how you can watch Youku from just about anywhere in the world using ExpressVPN. You might like that they also offer a 30-day money back guarantee which I’ve personally tested to make sure it works so you can try it with confidence. But before I end this video, I would like to take the time to answer some frequently asked questions that I get about VPNs in China. Okay, For the first question, can I use a free VPN to watch Youku? Finding a free VPN that can bypass geoblocks is tough and if you do find one, it won’t give you the speed and reliability you need to watch Youku. The better choice is to subscribe to a premium VPN like ExpressVPN and make use of its 30-day money-back guarantee. And You can try it out for a month and get a full refund. And the next question is, which VPN is the fastest? Of all the VPNs I’ve tested that worked for Youku, the fastest was ExpressVPN. No other VPN gave me the same speeds and crystal-clear video quality. Actually, I found that ExpressVPN’s server speeds are among the best, regardless of what content you want to watch. It was as if I wasn’t using a VPN at all. Thank you so much for watching my video. If you are interested in trying ExpressVPN, I will put a special discount link in the description area below so that you can save some money. Also, If you have any questions, please leave a comment. And if you’re a new subscriber, welcome to our cyber family! Be sure to stay safe and I’ll look for you in the next video. 🙂


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Hope you enjoyed my How to Watch Youku from Anywhere in 2022 (EASY!) Video.



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