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How to Write Engaging Blog Content For Boring Industries

It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, you can still create amazing content that goes viral.

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So if you want to create viral content for your industry you should first look on Reddit to see what has done well within your space.

For example, if you are in the life insurance space, on Reddit you would search for “life insurance” as well as related terms like death, and money.

From there create more detailed versions of the content that has done well. For example, a viral piece of content that I have written in the past is “19 Things You Didn’t Know About Death”. Not only did the post go viral, but it started to rank for “life insurance”.

I came up with that idea because someone else wrote a similar article that discussed the 10 things you didn’t know about death. Mine was just more detailed.

The key with creating engaging content is to look for facts. People love to share facts on the social web.

You can also find ideas for your industry by doing searches on Buzzsumo and Quora. Buzzsumo sorts content by popularity (social shares).

With Quora look for questions with a lot of comments and votes. You can then turn those questions into a detailed blog post on your site.

Whatever you decide to write on, make sure the content is very detailed and thorough.


25 thoughts on “How to Write Engaging Blog Content For Boring Industries”

  1. Even if he is Indian or not, Canadian or UK guy…I like Neil a lot. I learned so much from him in the last 3 to 5 years, is amazing how he is always improving and actualizing things. Even if this kind of information is repeating somehow, every time I learn from Neil something, it reaches my mind and lighting up some new fresh ideas to test for my website

  2. That's exactly what I do! Teach stuff and add value! And today I have a blog that had 113.194 visitors last month with a 7,20% bouncing rate (true story).
    I'm a social security lawyer in Brazil and I have a digital course to teach other lawyers about how to calculate the value of their client's retirement (because our government often doesn't do that correctly). That's boring!
    But I write posts about all the kinds of social security benefits, tips for my fellow layers, etc, to help them learn social securit law (that is not an easy subject).
    The name of my blog is "Desmistificando o Direito", something like "Demystifying the Law" 😄

  3. Hey Neil, I wanna start my first blogging journey and I want to content outsources from market place. But my budget very low, that's why I want 600 words content. Can you tell me, 600 words content effect my project long run.

  4. Hi Neil!! Can I use content that does not have much to do with the product as the content of my brand? For example, talk about personal development and self-awareness in my clothing brand.

  5. So, can we create good content and still drive audience? But Quora has now converted blogs to spaces and blogs owners and writers like me aren't able to add new content in our own blogs.

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