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HUGE NEWS!🔥Spotify Is Entering The NFT Space | Blockchain Developer Recruitment

In this video we’ll discuss the Spotify potential move to offering NFTs after multiple sources cite that the platform is looking for Blockchain developers for their NFT Music.

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8 thoughts on “HUGE NEWS!🔥Spotify Is Entering The NFT Space | Blockchain Developer Recruitment”

  1. 1st of all i believe in nfts for music and independent musicians , but if youve ever dealt with Record labels and promoters its a crash course in how all American corporations work its about what you can do for them $$$$ not what they can do for you , its like mafia , do you actually think Spotify is doing this to help musicians? Theyre doing this because they will be in the smart contract to get a piece of your creation forever.. im not trying to be negative ive just been in the biz a few decades it helps you Maneuver your career more wisely when you know how these people think and operate. Example i was in a band in the 90s and thought wow this technology to make pro recordings and home mixed with the internet is going To give musicians the power BUT nope 1999 along comes Napster Shawn Parkers baby , guess where shawn parker is now ? Hes on the board of directors at Spotify . Knowledge is power bro , and i support you 100%

  2. If you want to cover two subjects in a video I recommend these:

    1) the challenges involved with Marketing nfts as a relatively unknown artist.
    2)functionality of nfts still an issue. Nobody has an app or player if you buy these things. People want to use what they buy and nfts expect the end user to be technically savvy.

    I was initially more convinced of nfts but I am realizing it still lacks a lot of day to day practicality. I could see a bunch of progressives in California making a subculture with this, but it would be no different then a glorified circle jerk as far as I’m concerned.

    This space is still too full of scammers for the everyday consumer to have trust yet.

    Please touch on these less savoury subjects as the nft space is not nearly as rosy as people make it out to be. People want to believe and hang on to hope in a new thing right now, and I kind of think it’s still desperate for a lot of artists to think this is there way out.

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