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I Figured Out the PERFECT 30-Day Plan for a New Website. Here's the Result…

Do you want to start a website and make money from affiliate marketing? In this video, you’ll get a 30-day step-by-step game plan on how to start a blog and have traction in Google and be on your way to having a profitable online business.

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00:00 Introduction
02:36 Choose a Niche
04:23 Register Domain Name
04:51 Setup Hosting
05:37 Setup Google Search Console and Analytics
06:00 Create Core Pages
06:43 Keyword Research
08:12 Write an Article
10:44 SEO Optimization
11:20 Content Upload
12:26 Link Prospecting
13:41 Outreach
15:33 Progress Report

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24 thoughts on “I Figured Out the PERFECT 30-Day Plan for a New Website. Here's the Result…”

  1. I made mistakes when I first started blogging. Like I have this solar powered battery bank in a waterproof ammo can I made from scratch, so I wrote a super long article on how to make one. It had wiring diagrams, pics, step by step and all that. But in order for people to replicate my set up, I also linked every product I used to make it, so the article had dozens of affiliate links. Google doesn't like that at all. It thinks it's too spammy. It's indexed but Google won't serve it.

    I'll eventually write another article on it without the links and I'll do better; I'll just use Matt's advice on researching everything on page one – h2's, h3's, article length etc. This advice served me well when I developed my own set of hiking calorie calculators from scratch and had to compete against the 'calories burned' website.

    Same deal with a local hike in campsite near me in a state park. No one had written a definitive article on camping there so I tried writing one. But I added several links for beginner backpacking gear so new campers would know what works for that area of world. Again Google indexed it and won't serve it. I even rewrote it several times, and removed all the links to the gear. Google still doesn't like it. The reason I know is because I wrote a similar article, using a lot of material from it, that's purely informational, and that one gets served on search.

    These spammy articles aren't in the sandbox, they're ghosted. So I've found the best way to get an affiliate product to actually get served, and also not be in the sandbox, is to write one review article on it. Then anytime I need to reference it in an informational article, instead of putting in an affiliate link, I link to the review article. This means you have to write tons of review articles on every little piece of camping gear or whatever. And you better actually own that product you're reviewing or have some insider/expert info on it, or Google will get you.

    Say you want to make a kitchen renovation site. If you have an article on how to build kitchen cabinets, you can't just list the tools to use with affiliate links or Google thinks that is spam. You have to review each tool, then use that how to article as a cornerstone article linking all the tools on your list to your various individual reviews. Basically there's no free lunch. It's a lot of work.

  2. Thanks for the great video Matt. Quick question for EAT do you add an address for the website? Thinking about getting a virtual address with number, what do you recommend?

  3. Hello Matt! I have to say you Make very Good stuff about SEO, in fact you are the only Youtuber about SEO who I Watch.. 💪🏻🔝 I’ve an Question, were can I see the Real Traffic to my Website from the different keywords??? (I use Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Google Ads for the SEM, Ahrefs and sometimes SEMrush.. but at every place I see other Numbers of general Traffic and the singular Traffic from every keyword) 😩😩😩😩 Thank you men! 🙏🏻☺️

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