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I got ChatGPT to build me an entire marketing campaign

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In this video I’m going to show you how I got ChatGPT to build me an entire marketing campaign from start to finish including ads, social media posts, blog posts, email sequences, SMS messages, and a sales page.

So I’ll show you how I created every single word of an entire marketing campaign using ChatGPT, how it all turned out, and most importantly of all I’ll show you how you can do all of this too in order to get better results faster than ever before.

So, let me show you how it’s done.

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34 thoughts on “I got ChatGPT to build me an entire marketing campaign”

  1. Your video is just awesome and gave me a new perspective about what is about to come in the near future! After 20+ years in tech, I am still impressed with what humans are capable of developing. Though I prefer BlueWillow than Dall-E. you can easily create amazing images with using BlueWillow

  2. Chat also excels at summarizing marketing books and concepts and then evaluating your strategy against those insights. For example, I asked it review my BrandScript using the StoryBrand framework by Donald Miller and basically had a 1 hour workshop to improve our messaging.

  3. Every day, I use chatgpt since it is extremely helpful. I just experimented with a different AI program called Bluewillow, and I was astounded by the results. If you could create a tutorial like this for it, that would be fantastic

  4. Hi @Adamerhartvideo, first thank you for your video. Better than the Marketing campaign is the fact that you made the sound in Portuguese, it was a little bit strange, but I love the idea, maybe I can do the same with my video that are in Portuguese as I'm Brazilian.

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