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I will love him even though he hurts us | Tuko TV

After her first marriage ended, Jacinta was left with three kids to fend for. She struggled until she met a man who accepted her with her children but as soon as she gave birth to their children trouble struck. He began to segregate her kids from those they got together. The man has emotionally tortured Jacinta to the point that she has contemplated taking her own life. She says though that she will love this man to the very end. But just pleads with wellwishers to help her take care her seven children.

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39 thoughts on “I will love him even though he hurts us | Tuko TV”

  1. If she is speaking about having abortion i do not care.Let's get artificial wombs started so there will be times no interaction between men and women is needed.And a man can have a child directly with artificial womb Then can choose someone he is complimented by foe additional or as a mate

  2. Why continue loving a person who hates you surely? A you waiting for that man to kill you or what mama? That man is a beast and he nolonger loves you anymore, his mission is to kill you. Plz stop caring for him and start caring about yourself.

  3. It's not good to judge but…getting the first child u still suffering,2still suffering until the third still problems…better quit marriage na ukae na wayoto wako in peace..badala ya kukaa kwa ndoa kisa na maana aty jangili itabadilika……..nooooo mama aky jipende tu

  4. I get pist off with akisema eti maisha yenye amekuwa akiishi ni magumu na bado anaendelea kuzaa mpaka mtoto wa saba,,,hao?? Kama mimi niko na mmoja na maisha bado ni magumu sana,, hata wa nane na wakumu iko njiani inakuja. I might sound rude but how can you go thru hell and still 🏃‍♀️🏃🏃‍♀️🏃🏃‍♀️, lee mind my own biz 💃💃💃.

  5. Human psychology is strange… Very strange indeed… You get one child with a man who doesn't give a hoot and you do everything….. You go ahead and have more kids with this useless man and all the time it's you working for your kids…. What if she left after the one kid? Very sad…. Somebody help me understand is it akin to the Stockholm syndrome?

  6. Wewe endelea kusema "napedaa msee yangu naoba abadilike" utapata depression ukufe Sasa ndio watoto wako watateseka vizuri ,walk away from toxic marriages that only do more harm than good and pass on trauma to your children

  7. People stay in abusive relationships not because they want but their abuser shows them that they have nowhere to go. Instead of asking why she is staying hold her hand and she will walk out of the relationship on her own two feet.

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