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if “normal” job interviews were like coding interviews

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21 thoughts on “if “normal” job interviews were like coding interviews”

  1. Idk if its just common in germany, but after I landet my first job I never applied for a job again.

    The companies already knew what I did/do at my current job bcs of linkedin. They wrote/write me and the communication was more about which projects they have and how I can help them.

    Thats pretty much it. And its mandatory that you get paid more than at the previous job.

  2. You're not qualified. You forgot to replace the vowels in your name with fizz or buzz (no recursion) depending on weather the vowel is even or odd (0 indexed) in the alphabet.

  3. I've been an IT guy since 1990 and today I don't think tech would be for me. I'm simply not "technical" enough and I get bored being pigeon-holed into one area of tech. My suggestion to people starting out is, if you have enough knowledge to get through these tech interviews, probably you have enough knowledge to build your own product and launch your own company. Why get jacked around like this in an interview, basically begging to be hired, only to spend the next several decades making rich people richer as they stand on your back? Don't get on that treadmill. Don't give away your power.

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