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I'm Buying THIS Growth Stock While It's CHEAP! | Episode #23

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0:00 Intro
0:21 Business & Business Model
1:30 Moat & Financials
3:14 Management & Potential
4:10 Wall Street & Risks
5:05 Earnings & Guidance
6:01 Watch & Checklist Scores
6:44 Valuation

I’m Brian, an author (, YouTuber, and financial educator. I’ve been investing in the stock market since 2004. I’ve made EVERY investing mistake that you can make and I’ve learned A LOT along the way. I now spend my time teaching others how to invest better. I also send out a FREE weekly email called Long Term Mindset ( where I share 5 pieces of simple content that encourage readers to think long-term.

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27 thoughts on “I'm Buying THIS Growth Stock While It's CHEAP! | Episode #23”

  1. Great video guys. I didn't know much about Pubmatic till seeing this and am defo intrigued. Thanks for bringing it to my attention properly and doing such a great rundown of the details. For small growth companies, Stock Based Compensation is one of my first checks these days so I'll want to check that for PUBM. Unity burned me so badly with that so I'm scarred 😆.

    I think your channel and 'Unrivaled Investing' are the two best Channels on YT.

  2. Guys. Great video. I've been a shareholder for over a year, but something is giving me trouble. How do you square NRR being greater than YOY rev growth for the quarter? It appears they calculate NRR on a TTM basis. Given this number was very high over the past year, doesn't this imply this quarter's NRR was sharply lower than the stated value of 130%?

  3. Agree with this one. Have a full position in PUBM. You should also mention they believe they can consolidate share from smaller players and grow to roughly 30% of the sell side market.

  4. Awesome video Guys, thanks for helping me understand more about the financials. I'm keen to learn more and educate myself so please keep them coming. Its very much appreciated😀

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