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Home » Impressive 4-Axis Non-Planar 3D Printing

Impressive 4-Axis Non-Planar 3D Printing

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The RotBot is a 4-axis 3D printer that allows printing completely horizontal overhangs without any support structure. Let me show you how it works, how you slice part for it, and what the limitations of the technology are. And the best thing is, that the Toolhead, as well as the slicing scripts, are fully open-source! Let’s find out more.

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📚 Further information:
RotBot Toolhead Files:
Conical Slicer:
Paper on the RotBot and Conical Slicing:
Universal Slicing by Rene Mueller:

LeChuck by Wekster:
Spider Man by Eastman:

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00:00 Introduction
01:37 Trip to the ZHAW in Switzerland
03:02 RotBot Toolhead
05:17 Conical Slicing
09:07 Limitations
11:50 Sponsored Section

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32 thoughts on “Impressive 4-Axis Non-Planar 3D Printing”

  1. Das Beste an der Metote zu drucken ist, das man keine Stützstruktur mehr benötigt! Deswegen fände ich es cool wenn diese Technik bald für Privatanwender verfügbar wäre! Zum Beispiel wäre es doch schön, einen Prusa Mk4 mit der 4 Achsentechnik kaufen zu können!
    Dieses Thema finde ich sehr interessant und werde es weiter verfolgen! 🙂

  2. With that technology; they could probably build a creator robot. And if the same robot can recycle materials making it's own filaments; probably could transform objects.

    The possibilities seems endless.

  3. do you think you could use a regular 3d printer and bridge a very tiny distance over the edge and then wipe the nozzle to the inside, and then go again a bit over the edge then wipe again, this could work without supports, someone needs to experiment with this

  4. Interesting ! I would love to see you make a video of the Open5x project, it looks like the most credible/exciting open source 5-axis 3D printing project to date. Looks really promising.

  5. Amazing! is it possible that printed parts with this method are stronger? because of the way the lines are printed. You could make a test comparing regular 3d prints vs non planar, I am curious specially if the layer bonding problem can be solved at least for some geometries

  6. I think the head is too big and will get in the way too much for this to really become a thing as-is, but it's amazing work towards a future version of itself that doesn't have that problem.

    I also think the non-planar slicing could very well become a thing that slicers support natively because it seems like it just has a ton of applications, even if it's a pain to calculate. It might not be automatic, though… The designer might have to give hints to the slicer on how to deal with the topology of the slice in particular areas.

  7. Wait.. the slip ring allows complete infinite rotation? Or just 360 degrees? I mean either is great but the complexity for infinite rotation is high no? Awesome video thanks

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