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Instagram Analytics Explained

Instagram Analytics Explained – Today I am showing you how I look at the Instagram Analytics for my clients and what kind of data I report to them, and how you can too!

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00:00 Instagram Analytics Explained
00:50 Instagram reporting
01:15 Instagram Professional dashboard
02:00 Instagram reach
04:50 Instagram interactions
06:15 Instagram KPIs
09:00 Social media report delivery
09:40 Story analytics
11:40 Social media reporting tools

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3 thoughts on “Instagram Analytics Explained”

  1. I love your videos and have gotten so much useful information so thank you kindly for all your guidance! The only thing I’ll add is the audio on your videos are very harsh. I would highly suggest using a book mic or lavaliere. Both are affordable and will make a HUGE difference. I have found that people are actually more forgiving with video than audio. Just a little CC. Thank again for everything!! 🫶

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