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Introduction to Content Marketing with Buzzfeed

Content marketing is more than just a buzzword – it’s a tried-and-true marketing tactic that small businesses can use to reach customers in an authentic way, without having to spend big bucks. In fact, 80% of customers appreciate learning about a company or business through custom content (Demand Metric). Keith Hernandez from Buzzfeed, one of the leaders in the content marketing space, joined us to discuss how small businesses can create and use custom content effectively in their marketing.


27 thoughts on “Introduction to Content Marketing with Buzzfeed”

  1. Video being part of #ContentMarketing, you should take it seriously into account. But it seems that many companies are still not integrating them well into their campaign. Indeed they seem to not gather data from their viewers, missing out on understandings better their market. Anyone has insight on that point?

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  3. Indeed, businesses should concentrate on creating long living bonds with consumers. Though, through content marketing, the consumer is often lost in the mass of inadequate information as cat videos or math problems published by brands. That's not telling a story. A short, informative, engaging and problem solving message about the brand is what a consumer would watch and even share with a friend.

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