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Introduction to using Expedia Travel Agents Affiliate Program

Welcome to the Travel Agents Affiliate Program, or as we call it – Expedia TAAP. To begin with, please log on to – sign in using your email address. Click on sign in. We are now at the home page, your name appears in the top right hand corner, with your tracking code below. You now see your commission earned, the number of bookings you’ve made, together with you total gross booking.

Let’s take a quick overview of the toolbar. Click on menu – this is where you can run reports, create vouchers using Itinerary Builder, and update your profile. The icons now appear on your home page if you need to make a booking for any products. Click on you name in the top right-hand corner, then ‘my account’. You are now in the booking engine. To review your past itinerarys, click on ‘my itinerarys’ – there you’lll find all your old itineraries.

However, all new and current itineraries can be found on the Itinerary Builder at the home page. So, to get back to your current Itinerarys, click on the black toolbar – this will take you back. Click on ‘Itinerary Builder’, and here they are. If you wish to get back to the booking engine, click on ‘Menu’ – ‘Home’ – ‘Hotel’, and there we are back at the booking engine once again. To make a booking, just click on your relevant product.

For any assistance concerning existing bookings, cancellation, and refunds, please call the help desk on 0800 452 151 option 1, or for any Sales Enquiries, such as reports, commissions, or creating new accounts, please call 0800 623 4293.


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