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Home » iPad mini 6 vs iPad Air 4 – EVERY Difference Tested!

iPad mini 6 vs iPad Air 4 – EVERY Difference Tested!

Apple’s new iPad mini 6 comes with a FULL redesign alongside other updates like the A15 chip, a new webcam, updated speakers, and more.. But is it actually BETTER than the iPad Air?
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In this video, we compare EVERYTHING between the new iPad mini 6 and the iPad Air 4 from last year including the design differences, the speaker quality, the displays, the performance, the SSD speed, the cameras, and more to find out which iPad to buy in 2021!

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Timestamps ⬇️
iPad mini 6 vs iPad Air 4 – 00:00
Exterior Differences – 00:32
Speaker Comparison – 02:52
Display Differences – 03:45
Accessory Support – 05:00
Geekbench 5 CPU – 06:56
Geekbench 5 Metal GPU – 08:21
3DMark Wild Life Extreme – 09:07
SSD Storage Speed Test – 10:03
Camera Quality Comparison – 11:01
Should You Upgrade? – 12:30

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50 thoughts on “iPad mini 6 vs iPad Air 4 – EVERY Difference Tested!”

  1. very nice comparison and is really helpful for someone who is confused between these two models. However for the sake of benchmarks i think it would have been fair if both ran ios 15. your ipad air is running ios 14 which may marginally affect performance tests.

  2. Keep in mind that the iFixit teardowns AND people that have magnet paper have proven that the mini has only TWO speakers….NOT FOUR. The other two speaker holes are for resonance chambers only.

    Max Tech you need to actually acknowledge this in your future videos.

  3. Max tech please can I have the 16inc for school I really need one because I have a really potato laptop please I subscribe and liked you video by the way it is really helpful

  4. I am using Linux Desktop primarily for programming, while also have been testing macOS in VM, enjoying watching YouTube videos about M1 MacBooks and I would love to get my hands on Macbook 14 :), Unix, Optimised OS, Boosted ARM chip, Great battery; Unrivaled Laptop for programming.

  5. So, I already have a computer at home, and my reason for iPad is for notetaking and e reading, probably some typing on univ and phone replacement. Which should I choose?

  6. Well done. He presented all the info clearly without being repetitive as many do. In summation I think the specs are actually quite similar unless you want a pseudo laptop. For me it boils down to purpose. It's watching more movies vs. easy carry. Now to decide.

  7. I'd like to know – and haven't seen it it any of these tests: how is sidecar with the mini – does it even make sense to use such a small display as a second screen?!?

  8. For me personally the iPad mini has replaced all of my notebooks for business, personal art projects, and studying French by using Goodnotes 5. It has also introduced me to using a daily planner and journal as well as long term task management within Things 3. In addition, allowing me to draw, digital sculpt, cad model and make beats using something that can fit in my coat pocket and can be used one handed. Many people also have the notion artists always prefer the larger canvas and that’s just not true if it were all painters would be muralists and the Mona Lisa wouldn’t be so small. All of my previous sketchbooks were the size of the mini or smaller. I saw someone comment that the Mini was overpriced but judging by the value it has brought me in a portable package I’d say it’s priced fairly. It certainly shouldn’t cost $400 which is less than $100 more than the iPad 9 when it’s literally superior tech wise to the air. It’s size is a feature not a drawback.

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