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Home » iPhone 14 Plus vs 14 Pro Max – Ultimate Camera Test!

iPhone 14 Plus vs 14 Pro Max – Ultimate Camera Test!

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Apple’s iPhone 14 Plus seems quite similar to the Pro Max, but it’s WAY different, especially the Cameras!
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In this video, I compare the new 48MP wide camera, the ultrawide camera, the new 2x crop mode, and the 3x telephoto cameras that hasen’t changed since last year against the 13 Pro Max’s camera setup which is now similar to the new 14 Plus cameras in a wide variety of tests and scenarios to test out new modes like Cinematic Video and Macro shots along with everything else to see if it’s actually worth spending more on the 14 Pro Max vs 14 Plus if you care about camera quality!

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48 thoughts on “iPhone 14 Plus vs 14 Pro Max – Ultimate Camera Test!”

  1. Why? And again Why? Do all reviewers always test cameras in order to determine how good a phone is. So I guess most people now a days only care about a camera in their phone.

    The camera is Not the most important aspect or feature in a smart phone, to determine if a phone is good or not.

    What about real life productivity, software features that are actually useful for most people. Business productivity etc…….

    But yeah I guess all people care about is taking selfies and taking pictures for social media.

    This goes for both apple and android users, the first thing they talk about is the camera and how pretty the screen is 🤦🏻

  2. One problem with 48mpix on a phone: fixed memory capacity for very large files. The dslr/mirrorless systems obviously offer interchangeable storage for pennies on the dollar.
    The dream of the Swiss army camera phone comes with inescapable trade offs.
    Get a real camera for real photography. There’s a far larger difference available than between the plus and pro, with predictable consistency and advantages.

  3. Overall i think the iPhone photos are good for a phone, but they always seem to look lik saturation is always processed with some + some amount. But they should not cut that because people like the weird over saturated look.

  4. For most people, they don’t really use the “RAW” feature because in their daily lives they just use the camera of their phone to take a photo of anything they want and a 12MP shot raw or not is good enough. That 48MP raw shot won’t matter much unless you are going to capture a memorable scenery and want to edit it later on. Long story short, there’s really no use trying to compare a 48MP raw to a 12MP normal photo because at the end of the day, that 48MP is raw and not a normal shot.

  5. Why am I not convinced by Apples 14 Pro models

    Ah yea that's right

    Because they produce flagships to ___ the consumer !

    No usb-c port

    Are you ___ kidding me !

    And a camera on stills that's worse and not better !

    Apple is taking the world for fools !

    No wonder people drop IOS !
    And jump to Android !

    Apple simply ain't worth the trouble !

    If Apple included a usb-c port
    And had a still camera quality that measured up to a Googke pixel 6 Pro or a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

    Then yea

    But Apple's Pro Raw and no usb-c etc –
    Nah ! Apple's marketing is not fair to the consumer !

  6. The 14 Plus exists just to make the pro models look compelling and force the consumer to get them. It was absolutely not necessarily just like the mini line up. Standard, pro and pro max is just the best options.

  7. I usually shoot videos, but the difference between promax and plus in video shooting seems small. I don't know why, but I don't think I need Pro Max. Of course, it is regrettable that there is no telephoto camera, but I think 14+ is not bad for general results. Thank you for the good video

  8. Hope you can make a pixel 7 pro review.. I'm not convinced with the " new features" that comes with it. The worst they didn't add 1 TB storage to this phone. Greedy google.

  9. That didnt make sense what you said about panorama "there's so much data that apple have used for the 14 pro max with it's 48mp censor so it looks worse" It shouldnt look worse so thats strange.

  10. The 48mp sensor on the 14 Pro is a game changer. It actually takes better portraits than my £1100 Canon G1X Mk3. The detail, resolution and sharpness is incredible in RAW mode. Zoom in and the image really pops, even better look at photos on a 12.9" iPad Pro.

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