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Home » iPhone 14 Pro vs Pro Max: Real Differences after 2 weeks!

iPhone 14 Pro vs Pro Max: Real Differences after 2 weeks!

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I’ve been using Apple’s 6.1″ Pro-sized iPhone for the last couple of years, but now I’m switching back to the Max. Here’s every Real Difference I’ve noticed so far..

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Timestamps ⬇️
14 Pro vs 14 Pro Max – 00:00
Real Difference #1 – 00:17
Real Difference #2 – 01:30
Real Difference #3 – 02:42
Real Difference #4 – 03:05
Real Difference #5 – 04:36
Real Difference #6 – 05:51
Real Difference #7 – 06:48
Real Difference #8 – 07:26
Real Difference #9 – 09:24

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41 thoughts on “iPhone 14 Pro vs Pro Max: Real Differences after 2 weeks!”

  1. try to use 4g or "5g on" , as the new 5g modem on the iPhone 14 serious is much faster than before. As a result, the phone will switch between 5g and 4g more frequently when you use" auto 5g" mode. I found that "5g on" is actually better for the battery life.

  2. I think once the iPhone Pro battery reaches the same longevity as the 13 Pro Max, that would be the time to down size from the max to the regular pro. Hopefully that is the case with the 15 Pro.

  3. You are a massively heavy user and use games. I agree with the battery life though. I very rarely finish the day with less than 50% on the 13 pro Max. On this phone it gets under 50% sometimes by the end of the day. I don't play games though and I think games are a very heavy drain. Everything you have found from heat to reception to battery life to speakers is due to the difference in size. So fair call and to be honest I meant to order the Max and accidentally got the Pro 14 instead. I haven't had any complaints so far. I'm an older user and use this for work to hotspot to computers, text, calls, bluetooth and internet, just general use. I think if you don't play a lot of games then the battery life with the 14 Pro will be fine. Battery life though is an important factor which is why I always got the Max size but battery life has increased so much that i just don't need a Max size phone anymore and the more compact form factor is nice to use.

  4. I went with the larger phone, upgrading from an iPhone 8, the main reason I chose it is long term battery health, I only upgrade my phone once every 5 years at a minimum, so I want it to last as long as possible, and at the point the battery starts decaying, the price to replace it is more than the phone is worth. my current battery life is about 4 hours of low use, with about an hour if im navigating or something. Battery health is 69% (nice) and its all but cooked, however replaing said battery is just not worth the cost on the old device.

    in theory the larger battery from said larger phone means that when the health starts to decrease, the phone will still be useable without having to leave the house with.a power bank, and carrying both a phone and a power bank in my pocket is already more bulk than the iPhone 14 pro max will ever be.

    having big hands helps a bit, but im perfectly okay with a 2 handed phone, which is pretty much what that is.

  5. I just got my iPhone 14 Pro Max 2 days ago and so far, it's a MASSIVE upgrade from my iPhone 8. The thing that I'm struggling with the most right now is that it's so big (first world problems). I'm not used to having a phone of this size and also, the weight is significantly more than my previous device. It's had a few glitches (camera's inability to focus, my phone freezing and turning off and needing a hard restart) but overall, I like how smooth it is. It's going to take some getting used to but so far, the battery life has actually been really good to me! I'm still going to test it out for about a week and then make a decision about maybe downgrading to the iPhone 14 Pro just because the size will likely feel better. We'll see how it goes but I certainly appreciate seeing this 2 week later review/comparison!

  6. I need reading glasses so just for that reason, went with Pro Max. Yeah – not a total one handed device but I need the bigger screen. Also when I can't sleep, movies will be awesome on the bigger screen. Nice Video though!

  7. Pro tip that I'm surprised more reviewers don't talk about. Turn your phone to dark mode. Turns the OS mostly black instead of mostly white. OLED screen means those pixels aren't using any power. Boom overcompensation for the always on display. My 14 pro max lasts 2 days with average usage and I literally have to try my best to kill it in one day with extreme usage and pretty high brightness.

  8. Main takeaway is that Smaller = slightly worse thermals / dimming, slightly worse cellular speeds, slightly worse speaker, hole punch digs into content slightly more, and worse battery life
    None of these seem like huge dealbreakers except maybe the battery life to some people. But I myself am undecided between the two, or if I should just wait another year

  9. @max tech, i found one bug, put aipods and on live listen .. lock 🔒 phone and try to unlock… it hangs and home button stops in middle of the screen and screen stops working.. this bug in stable version of IOS 16.0.1. Plz check

  10. My 13 Pro Max was my first big phone ever, and I don't think I'm going back. One-handed typing sucks, but in every other way I don't find it unwieldy at all. All the pros of the bigger device completely outweigh that one con for me.

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