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Is This New Reselling Platform Worth It? What Sold on Poshmark, eBay, Mercari, and FBMP

Poshmark continues to flounder, platforms like Facebook Marketplace and eBay step up in a BIG way, and I tried out a new reselling platform to some success. Learn what’s selling on Poshmark, eBay, Mercari, Facebook Marketplace, and Kidizen in this what sold video. If you enjoy reselling tips as well as content on a variety of reselling platforms, make sure you subscribe!

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25 thoughts on “Is This New Reselling Platform Worth It? What Sold on Poshmark, eBay, Mercari, and FBMP”

  1. Great video Posh has been dead for me the past few weeks. I finally caved and got PoshVA and have had zero sales. I used to make 1-2 sales a day and have been on Posh since 2013. Once my inventory sells I'm out. I refuse to put anymore time into Posh if it won't payout.
    Also I am super cheap like that too totally resell free stuff and loved that someone else is lol

  2. I would love to hear about TRR! I have a few items that I can’t move on Poshmark or EBay that I think would do well over there.
    Also, PM sales are sooooo bad right now. However, I’m selling really old inventory. So strange, but I’m glad it’s gone! Thanks and have a great week!

  3. I’ve been selling on TRR for a year. Mostly good. It can be complicated what they take I sold many John varvatos items and sent in a box recently with that brand and was told they don’t take it even though they show that brand currently on their site
    2nd issue they just accepted 2 mens high end blazer but listed under womens and styled on a female model. For the most part positive.
    It helps to have a contact person

  4. Awesome sales especially on eBay! Question on eBay do you allow people to make offers or do you only give the option to Buy Now? New at this and trying to avoid scammers. TIA!

  5. Just sold a pair of Cole Haan Nike G Series Men's 10.5 loafers. They sold for $45 and I paid $6. They also sold fast, about 5 days. I probably sold them to cheap? Oh well, I made some money and was very satisfied. I typically do struggle selling shoes and I don't know why?

  6. My kid wanted Roblox last year as a 5 year old. Everyone has it, including my older teen son, so whats the big deal right. Um no…I set it up for him..put 5 year old with no conversation selected. He couldn't read yet & recognize a game on there from YouTube video…I clicked on it & could not close fast enough!!!!! Song blaring " I have a d**k, suck on it, suck on it!" I still won't let him get roblox & I'm a horrible mom

  7. I’ve been selling on The Real Real for 4 years. Example-had a Brunello Cuchinlli Dress literally sat on posh for 6 months. At one point dropped it to $20. (It was gorgeous). Finally I sent it to TRR and it sold for $800. Of which I got $600. I send a large box every two months. I would NEVER sell Gucci/Dior/Valentino on eBay or Posh. Posh is 4th in my list of selling platforms

  8. I would love to see more videos about The Real Real. I also wanted to say l love watching your videos, you are so real! You are a beautiful person and it seems your daughter is as well💕God bless you and your family 🙏

  9. Thank you, Becky, for support Ukraine 🇺🇦 My family is there now and it’s even not a half you can see through news. It’s genocide. They killed children, womens, seniors…. Thank you and all Americans for kindness and support! It’s priceless…

  10. My sales on ebay were very good these past 2 weeks. Mercari a little picked up and PM slowly picking up, what confuses me is when people put like 4 items in bundle i send out good price but they decline. Would like to know more about the Real Real. Enjoy watching your videos.

  11. Morning ☀️, fun I could stop by again. I've finally been "picked" to be a busy posher after a year of 2 sales ev. 3-4 days, to a few more finally "last mth". We'll see this mth. 🍀 I'm sure u won't drop posh, it doesn't seem any worse than ur Mercari sales. 🤞

  12. Thank you for sharing how easily List Perfectly helps you to manage and grow your online businesses in different marketplaces. Please let us know if you have any suggestions. We love to listen to our community. Sincerely, Clara.

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