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It's Not The Algorithm, IT'S YOU!

Let’s chat about the all-over-mysterious Youtube algorithm, what it does, what it does not do, and why it keeps showing you the same things all over again.

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44 thoughts on “It's Not The Algorithm, IT'S YOU!”

  1. The creators who think it's the algorithm and not them are the ones that are losing views. My personal not popular opinion for instance, I can't watch my old favorites that say every single video that they're so excited about it. Concealer and foundation videos are just not exciting! Informative yes, but SO excited? I just feel I'm on an infomercial with their PR.

  2. The algorithm is better these days, however, a year ago or so it was really clear that the algorithm DID NOT work. In my home, we have a HTPC connected to our TV and the YouTube account online on the HTPC is my boyfriend's. It was so clear that the algorithm pushed "manly" things like ONE click at BroScience pushed a shit ton of gym videos for BIG MUSCLE MEN, but no matter how many makeup videos I watched (which was, really, probably 20times as many as the work out/fitness videos) which clearly shows that the algorithm paid more attention to the account being registered to a white, Swedish man in his 30s rather than the videos that account ACTUALLY watched… However, nowadays his account is recommended a bunch of makeup content, but that has happened more recently.

  3. Please cover the Storybook cosmetics scam! I watched Kiki Chanel’s video about it and it’s insane that the triplets who made the brand would use the email list from the company to go off and scam people for other items that aren’t ever going to be sent, plus they would use Facebook groups and PayPal to carry out thousands of dollars in scams before they made Storybook Cosmetics. BUYERS BE AWARE!!! I hope everyone finds out about this because I’m sick to my stomach after hearing about it.

  4. Angie, I do watch your videos avidly and with delight. I am a neutral girl and color scres me and fascinates me. The look of today is amazing! I do find your color choices very unusual and fascinating. Love it and please keep doing it 🙂 PS: Maybe one day I will become brave and try some color on my eyes. Maybe you can create a video talking about color combinations/looks using all you have on your collection.

  5. I LOVEEEEE this video!! I was stuck on 'understanding the algorithm' for so long when I started on YouTube, but it's not the algorithm AT ALL! It's about understanding your audience, then you'll find better views! I haven't seen any bigger creator talk about this, so it's so nice to hear your views 🙂
    (EDIT) As a project panner….. no offence taken pahahah 😀 )

  6. I may be in a minority in that i use my subscriptions list to see who has uploaded and work my way through each creators videos. I dont watch every single one, the will i buy it style videos ive stopped watching because my list of wants was getting out of control. I prefer now to see what creators use consistently to make my own list. Yes I’m one of those that do want to see you all use your collections more often, for that reason. I dont mind the new purchases if the looks are ones i will create myself, i tend to use what i have in my stash to recreate that look. There are exceptions obviously from what i class as my favourite brands, those i want to see how people use them before i decide whether to buy. If i have just bought a new palette, i search for that palette and pick the creators i enjoy watching over new creators in general. However, instagram and facebook are where i tend to find new creators i want to watch, then see if they also have a YouTube channel. I never ever use the suggested videos on YouTube and i think that’s why i really dont like TikTok.

  7. Lol, I can confidently say, Its Not Me!! Because A) I'm not on YT enough and B) I go straight to the little Bell icon, I'm not on that front page long enough to see what's recommended. The notification tab has all my sub's videos in date order, why look anywhere else 😊

  8. Lol in order…
    Something about GofT 🙄
    Angie vlog 💎💎💎
    Rick Beato video💎
    Climbing Mount Rainier video💎💎
    Nikki Raven video💎💎💎
    Legalbytes video Cause I followed the Depp trial?? 😆

  9. So true! I haven't been interested in makeup content for about 6 months now, and the algorithm rarely recommends that content for me now. Unfortunately, it seems that I no longer get notifications for some of my favorite creators (yes, the bell is clicked!), so I miss out on a lot of good non-makeup content. Ugh. I'm glad I somehow got the notification for this video – I've missed you, Angie!

  10. You are very correct when it comes to the algorithm showing us what it believes we want to see. I haven’t watched any makeup videos for months and YouTube hasn’t recommended any for me. I looked you up to see what you had been up to as I used to watch your videos religiously, and after watching just one video YouTube is recommending me your videos again.

  11. I think as a viewer I'm doing my 'part' by avoiding many new and haul like videos or heavily clickbait-y videos (you know like those content factories… nothing personal but I like Youtube because of the single creators, not big companies who dictate them to steal others content, recycle videos and promote even irresponsible behaviour like bleaching strawberries and trying to put cinnamon in body products… I still feel my blood boiling at that). I noticed that after a little time doing so my Recommended board filled with shop my stash, recreate this new palette with what you have, antihauls and panning projects. I still do get reviews of new launches, but much less and only from my favourite videos. If you saw my recommended videos from 2018 you would only see PR unboxing and testing up new products 0.o
    But I do disagree a little because I noticed a big problem with the algorithm.. it doesn't understand the difference between actual gore and fake gore, so my favorite Halloween creators do tend to get 'punished' for their beautiful and creepy as hell content, same for 'showing dead bodies' against 'death positivity' like for Caitlin Ask A Mortician who tries to talk about death in an educative and constructive talking. Or even just trying to raise awareness, I saw a huge number of creators who literally censor themselves because words related to eating disorders, mental health in general and social problems like oversexualization of minors who emulate their favorite creators and influencers on social media… it's a whole 'beep beep beep' talking because they are terrorized that the system will push their content in a corner and hide it. Have you seen Ann Reardon's in How To Cook That? She tried to raise awareness about a very dangerous DIY hack using a modified microwave and wood to make some fractal art, and many people died electrocuted. When she posted the video it went up in the Recommended but after a few days it was hidden and taken down by Youtube because the hack was considered dangerous… yet the actual videos she used as resource weren't taken down. Luckily the outrage forced YT to bring it back, but she had to start over from square 1 and maybe some people who wanted to try this hack couldn't see it and got hurt.
    Also sorry for the wall of text, I'm commenting while watching and maybe you already talked about all of this.

  12. I like your chatty videos and I think you do have an interesting take on things.🥰 I'll watch older palettes being used etc if I own them myself and I often watch older videos that I've seen before again, multiple looks etc. And I luuuurve panning content 😃 but I get why people are more interested in newer stuff most of the time…I'll watch reviews if I like the creator. Xoxooxox

  13. I don't know, for me the youtube algorithm seems broken or exceedingly lazy. Literally the same videos have been suggested to me for months. I've never clicked on them, they are not from creators I have clicked on before. They are similar genre, yeah, but I would have thought youtube would get the hint after I still have not clicked on them for 2 months and offer me something else, removing those from the line up but they seem to be there to stay.

  14. Very interesting video! I totally agree. I have tested out the algorithm and it does show you more of what it thinks you’re interested in based on what you watch and hitting the like button. If you ‘like’ a video you see more of them. Thanks for sharing!

  15. I see other people have touched on demographic clustering so I won't. But the problem I have with YouTube is that my recommendations are not the things I want to see to the point that I have started asking them not to show me those suggestions. So I think the AI is off.

  16. Agree and don’t. I’ve never EVER in my life watched a football or Minecraft video, yet they pop up every couple of weeks. They have millions of views so I’m assuming they’re pushing the most viewed also. I click block channel or not interested but these subjects always come through. Very annoying cause I actively try to tune my recommendations.

  17. I want to add a second comment. Even Google knows its the algorithm. There are published studies on it. Google themselves has a team trying to fix these biases against marginalized people and a whole group of marginalized folks left google not long ago and formed their own nonprofit because google wasn’t following their reports or making big enough changes. Saying none of it is the algorithm and it’s all personal responsibility is ignoring the data that’s out there and ignoring the voices of POC, queer people and disabled people, the people it effects the most.

  18. Ok, here it is then…where did your Throw Back Thursday videos go?
    Couldn’t say that before because I didn’t know that you did them. I must have subscribed to you after that series ended. I truly would like to see you bring them back. I have many of the same palettes you do and I’m sure there are many more of your followers that do so, also. I’d really like to see you create more looks with any of the palettes you currently have.

  19. I follow an artist @jazza. He did a video talking about the algorithm and how he hates challenge videos and wants to get more into creative art stories and etc… so he asked everyone to stop watching them so he doesn’t have to make them anymore. Genius. lol

  20. I watch all of your content! I am someone who wants to see looks with the over 100 palettes YouTubers have sold me on in the last two years, but you are correct. There is something that keeps me clicking on the new even though I’m not buying it. At this point it’s “oh I know I have a color like that!” Or “I bet I have enough of those colors to create this look.” I would love to see a video where you don’t tell us what the products are. Just say first I’m going to put this dark green in my outer corner. Stuff like that. Because after only 2 years of watching beauty content I am confident that I have most of the colors. If not I’ll have something comparable.

  21. I am glad you mentioned how boring project pans are, I thought I was the only one! The algorithm is so funny, l'll look up one random video at work one day and then for the next day my recommendations are useless 🤣

  22. As a low-income student, currently, panning helps fight the FOMO. I'm not being forced to use it, I am playing to see if I can re-create new palettes with my current items. I'm also a bit of a data nerd so counting uses/ doing the math to determine the value of that product is super interesting to me. 😅

  23. Oh, man, me too on the panning! I tried a shop my stash basket that I was to use a couple times a week for a month and film a couple videos with it and it was a disaster. I actively avoided it and it took me 6 mos to film and update on it! I was so bored with it. I don't want to track, or HAVE to use anything. But I DO love using what I have, and I also like to search for looks with a palette. But now, I'm going to go a little deeper down the search list to find creators who are making new content with old palettes. Thanks for such great info on how to train the algorithm to show what you want to see!

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