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Japan Travel Guide / Tsukiji fish market Tokyo Street Food Tour

Tokyo Street Food Tour in Tsukiji Fish Market – This is the perfect guide to Tsukiji Fish Market street food.
Tsukiji Fish Market is as popular a tourist attraction in Tokyo as Asakusa and Tokyo SkyTree.
This Tokyo Street Food Guide will introduce you to some of the most popular 15 street foods at Tsukiji Fish Market , such as seafood rice bowl and grilled seafood.
If you like seafood, worth a try if you are visiting Tokyo Japan.
If you are wondering what to eat or where to eat in Tsukiji Fish Market, this Tsukiji Fish Market guide will help you.

0:00 Introduction

0:55 Tsukiji fish market Info

1:41 Tekkaya

2:42 Kitsuneya

4:35 Tsukiji soratsuki

5:41 Shimizu

7:17 Sanokiya

7:53 Asahi Honten Tsukiji

9:05 Tsukiji Croquette

9:59 Aji no Hamatou

10:35 Yoshizawa Shoten

11:14 Maguro no Miyako


12:59 Tsukiji teppanyaki JYU-JYU

13:35 Nikugaki

14:40 Yamacho

15:31 Maguroya Kurogin

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17 thoughts on “Japan Travel Guide / Tsukiji fish market Tokyo Street Food Tour”

  1. Akanemaru sama bonjour domo ,arigato gozaimashita, gozaimasu, great, enormously absolutely infinitely spectacularly thank you, to introduce us to TOKYO and restaurants that also serve beef. but you forgot to say where you can find alcohol to drink on site.very interesting and spectacular your Akanemaru sama videos, I had no idea, I would never have imagined finding gastronomy in this side of TOKYO, I know little about TOKYO, thanks to your videos I am making great discoveries to plan my future trip to TOKYO, I would eat in the places you indicate . Good continuation your videos I am enthusiastic.kisses 💋 from FRANCE.

  2. きつねや I didn't eat there last Japan trip because my family can't eat beef. but if I can go there again next time I will eat there for sure. I will eat alone and take my family to somewhere else.

  3. Como me gustan sus videos, ya quiero ir a Japón a comer todas sus recomendaciones, ojala puedan ir al restaurante Genzo Kayabacho ya que esta por el hotel en el que me voy a hospedar. Saludos desde México 😀

    Genzo Kayabacho, 1 Chome-3-7 Nihonbashikayabacho, Chūō, Tokio, Japón

  4. I discovered this channel today. I really love the presentation and details in video and super easy to following the guide. I instantly subscribe because it's worth it 😉
    I hope more subs will come and see these great video like me.

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