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John Fetterman Keeps Going Viral. How Is His Senate Campaign Doing? l FiveThirtyEight

UPDATE: As the Senate race in Pennsylvania tightens and the two major-party nominees’ campaigns go viral, we look at how Democrat John Fetterman is faring now, several months after we profiled him in May.

Info on charts: The chart asking Pennsylvanians about global warming is based on a survey conducted April 15-May 6 by Muhlenberg College among 423 adults in Pennsylvania. The chart showing support for gun proposals is based on a Suffolk University/USA Today survey conducted Sept. 27-Sept. 30 among 500 likely Pennsylvania voters. Charts showing support for Republican Mehmet Oz and Democrat John Fetterman are based on a Fox News survey conducted Sept. 22-Sept. 26 among 1,008 Pennsylvania voters.
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20 thoughts on “John Fetterman Keeps Going Viral. How Is His Senate Campaign Doing? l FiveThirtyEight”

  1. No I mean no one would think to locate a cool brewery and pub in the town of Braddock… except the people who founded the brewery there!

    Jesus Christ, give credit to the small business owners for once

  2. Can't even pronounce his mayoral town correctly- – shame – and Braddock is in shambles – DEms pick better people BIDEN, NADLER SHIT THEIR PANTS, PELOSI, FEINSTEIN SPIT OUT THIER TEETH – RAISE YOUR STANDARDS

  3. This dude lives at home with his parents, has a stroke, chased a black guy down with a shotgun. The other is a self made immigrant multimillionaire doctor. How is this even close?

  4. What could be worse than attempting to run for an office that you are clearly incapable of effectively manning? Well…how about when your family allows you to do so? The stress of both running and actually doing the job holding the office for which Fetterman is running could, and most likely will, kill him. LITERALLY! He's a stroke victim and a survivor for Christ's sake! The man should be home enjoying each moment gifted to him by our Creator. Yet someone somewhere thinks it is a good idea for him to be doing all of the things he's doing? That's just cold and uncaring. His family sucks for letting him do all that he's doing so they can maintain the attention they're garnering and getting money in the form of donations. The DNC sucks for allowing him to run but we all know why. It's my 'Ugly Sidekick' theory. You go out to a bar and you know that you are not good looking, so what do you do? You bring a friend who is uglier than you so that, in comparison, you look good! In this scenario, Biden's 'ugly sidekick' is Fetterman. Biden has mental issues so let's put someone else with even more issues in the limelight to detract attention away from Bumbling Biden. They know Fetterman's platform sucks. Yet, he'll generate so much news and take headlines away from the issues plaguing America that were created by the Biden 'administration' that he's a boon to the crooks in Washington as he's being used as a smokescreen at the cost of his actual life. Washington politics place no value on anyone not making 7 figures and giving them a cut.

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