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keyword research | Nichegenie, the best keyword tool

Nichegenie is a powerful KEYWORD RESEARCH TOOL !
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Nichegenie is the true niche finder.
It helps the user discover new keywords, it provides very accurate niche competition analysis
It works with Google, Youtube, Amazon and Clickbank.
Extra features:
• In-built captcha solver – Maybe it’s just the geek in me speaking, but I want to my tools to handle any load I throw them.
• Optimized for Any site Category, Language and Region – Google, Youtube and Amazon show different results depending where your IP is located. I moved to Germany this summer and believe me I found this useful when researching locally.
• 100% Accurate Competition Score – It’s based on competitor’s authority, social signals, backlinks and pages indexed. Nichegenie checks for everything you should care about.
• Exact Match Domains Finder – Like any good niche finder, Nichegenie too checks if there is any exact match domains available.
• Integrated with Keyword Planner – Pull more than 900 golden related keywords on any seed keyword.
Create your own business using the best keyword research tool!

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