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Home » Korea′s M&A market hits all-time high in 2014 작년 M&A 시장 87조원 규모로 급팽창…사상 최대

Korea′s M&A market hits all-time high in 2014 작년 M&A 시장 87조원 규모로 급팽창…사상 최대

And here′s another all-time high record.
The size of Korea′s merger and acquisition market set a new milestone last year a four-fold jump from the year 2011.
And with the government easing regulations this year… analysts expect the market to grow even further.
Kim Min-ji has more.
Mergers and acquisitions by Korean companies hit a record-high last year.
Korean companies carried out M&A deals totaling almost 80 billion U.S. dollars in 2014, nearly double from a year earlier, according to data compiled by Bloomberg and the Korea Capital Market Institute.
Although the number of deals struck declined,… big deals boosted the figures.
To name a few,… Samsung Group inked a deal to sell its chemical and defensive affiliates to Hanhwa Group as part of its restructuring,…. and there was the merger of Daum Communications and Kakao Corporation two of the nation′s biggest IT firms.
The domestic growth is in line with the global trend.
The global M&A market reached three-point-eight trillion dollars last year,… up 71 percent from a year earlier the largest since 2007.
Industry watchers forecast the domestic M&A market will get even bigger this year.
This as the government eases regulations regarding M&As,… and low interest rates have made financing cheaper.
The restructuring of conglomerates and brokerage houses are also expected to drive the growth,… as well as more big deals expected this year.
Kim Min-ji, Arirang News.


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