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Landing Page Monkey Review – Create High Converting Landing Pages

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This video is a review of landing page monkey…web-based software that allows you to build landing pages on the fly

Landing page monkey allows you to build high converting landing pages on the fly.

Here are some of the best features:

It’s web-based so you can build landing pages anywhere at anytime as long as you have wi-fi.

There’s no coding needed…you just click a few buttons and preview your creation.

It’s mobile responsive so your landing page will look good on any device.

There’s no yearly fees..for example lead pages costs $477.00 per year whereas landing page monkey only costs a one time fee.

It hosts all the pages for you so you have no hosting costs.

You can use stunning video backgrounds which increase click through rates.

Let’s take a look inside the members area to see how to quickly and easily create a landing page:

Click “create page”
Step 1. Page styling
Give your landing page a name
Give it a background color
Add background end color
Add box’ve got different box animations
Add page background color
Add a background image…one of the bonuses includes 100 background images
You can also use a video for your background by simply uploading the background video to youtube then place your URL in the box.
Get a button background
Change the button text color
You can also link to a background URL
Add submit button text

Step 2 Page Content
You can add your own logo
You can embed your own video here
Put your embed code in the box
You can enter headline text bold, italasize or underline
Add sub-headline text
Here’s your main text which you can edit.

Step 3 Autoresponder Integration
Enter your autoresponder code in the box
Once you’re done click “preview” to preview your page
Click “save” your page and download the html
You can copy the link
You can also copy and paste the tracking pixel to put on your final confirmation page
You can also export the landing page and you can share your page on social media accounts
You also have the ability to track your stats
You can clone your page
You can edit your page

My favorite feature is that I can build high converting landing pages on the fly.

So grab your copy of landing page monkey now so you can build high converting landing pages no matter where you are at the beach or at home.

Click the link below to get landing page monkey NOW!

Example Landing Page Used In The Video

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Review of Landing Page Monkey

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