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Learn Digital Marketing in Just 5 Minutes a Day

Do you want to learn how to generate more traffic and sales to a website? My name is Neil Patel and my goal is to teach you one new marketing tactic each day.

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On this channel you’ll find tons of marketing videos that will teach you a specific marketing tactic in less than 5 minutes. The videos are short, to the point, and more important contain step by step instructions.


30 thoughts on “Learn Digital Marketing in Just 5 Minutes a Day”

  1. Bro this is your first video Iam watching today..
    Atter someone recommend me your today
    When i ask bro i need real website real money earning apps or website..
    I hope u are real and you will tell me suggest me real website to earn my first money thanks bro..

  2. Hello Neil, my name is Leandra Barrero and I am a current Florida international University student. I was going through the pages of different experts like you in marketing, and I started listening to this great video. You are such a great inspiration to your audience. We can appreciate in your video how much you love what you do, and it is amazing to hear someone like you say that, there is nothing more satisfying than helping small business owners succeed. Not everyone has this motivation and good intentions now a days. Thank you for your videos and your hard work!

  3. Excellent educational material! If you want to put your knowledge into practice, then I recommend the Alexa Master platform. Here you will be able to promote websites, videos, fan pages with digital marketing tools. The online community is created by online advertisers or digital marketers, webmasters, freelancers, and others who use the chat system and games. Payments from $ 1.

  4. Can u earn stable income by working as digital marketing, does it have scope in USA ? How many years I got to study to become digital marketer? I have no beain in technology at all. Is digital marketing a stable job ? Can u support yourself with digital marketing wage in USA ? How can I become a digital marketing, I am housewife and mother of 2 kids ?

  5. Bruhhh i started to like this guy. His voice very soft and humble not just like other sale guys who has aggressive voice. He looks pretty chill from the outside and super smart

  6. Here's where the legendary of marketing started his first step on YouTube from 0 to 1milion subs

    Neil, Thanks for helping us over the years and congrats on 1 million subscribers 🎉

  7. Congratulations for the content and the way you teach the little ones like me. I'm from Brazil and starting over! My husband and I were in japan kkk, and I'm learning with you how to improve my online business of Graphic Prints and Gifts.God bless you!Lilian

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