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Where were we?
Pejerrey, Chile


The drone:

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39 thoughts on “LINARES CENTRAL MARKET | S.02 Ep.22”

  1. Thank you for your videos Jon, I'm so glad to have found your channel as it has been great to watch your journey so far as you serve the Lord in Chile. The drone was to be used and not stay on the shelf with it's associated risks so don't feel bad my friend it will be replaced.

  2. I don't know why ,but I have the hunch you wanted to wee in the middle of your work out session…Your chicken legs were shivering…You should get down to exercise right after draining your hose…

  3. Arriba el animo Jon!! Son cosas que pasan. Sigue con tus videos y con o sin dron te veremos igual 😀 . Me gustan mucho tus videos, entiendo clarito todo lo que dices, tu pronunciación es muy buena. Saludos Jon!!!

  4. One small titbit… I work with a Lebo, and he tells me in Lebanon, mate is quite popular. I think they send it over from Argentina. BTW what did you think of the socceroos performance against Chile, pretty good, don't you think.

  5. You should stop blaming yourself… the drone was made to be used! and when you use something it could be broken…and you did 🙂 grin but you were enjoying it so, once again… cheer up!… and enjoy the rain.

  6. Hey Jon how are you, sad to hear about the drone. I've always wondered about your exercise routine? Is it too cold to run ?  do you like running? Anyway, Thanks for the videos. !! Regards from a Chilean in DR

  7. The last thing u showed … that "hands warmer", well, we actually call it "guatero" (comes from "agua".. so it is like a hot water container)… Anyway, I have one and I cannot live in winter without it <3 … Though, I wouldn't buy one from the Chinese store. I got mine from a Drugstore (u can find them in supermarkets sometimes, as well) and they are used to keep your feet warm while sleeping.
    And c'mon! Everything will be fine with the dron thing. The important thing here is that u have to learn from your mistakes (and probably just keep the dron under your eyes the complete time) .. IDK, but, have faith.
    Cheers 🙂

  8. You are being very hard on yourself, I don't think you could have done anything different to have prevented the drone from loosing connection. There's no way to know when stuff like that is going to happen.

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