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LinkedIn Strategy – Content Marketing

To speak with a LinkedIn Content Marketing expert about applying these strategies in your business please visit

Content is what gets your attention and establishes your authority and credibility on LinkedIn. If you produce content that provides excellent value and is relevant to your ideal customers, it will get read by people in your target market. A few of them will invite you to connect and inquire about your product or service.
There are two types of content that you should produce and distribute regularly as part of this LinkedIn strategy:
#1 LinkedIn Articles
LinkedIn Articles are similar to blog posts on a website.
Articles should have 300 or more words, images, links, videos, etc. They should represent your highest and most valuable knowledge in a summarized format that has enough detail to help the reader achieve something important.
The main function of Articles are to give prospective customers an opportunity to read and learn about your in-depth expertise. Profiles with Articles also get pushed up in the LinkedIn search results, which means you get more profile views and your sales message gets in front of more people searching for your offerings on LinkedIn.
It may seem tedious to write Articles. One solution people use for this LinkedIn strategy is outsourcing Articles to a good copywriter so you don’t have to interrupt your normal selling process.
For Articles you want:
An engaging topic relevant to your business
A catchy title
An awesome image
500-1500 words
1 Articles per week is ideal

#2 LinkedIn Updates
LinkedIn Updates are short posts similar to a Facebook post.
You can link to outside articles, post an image or video, or just write text.
The main function of Updates is to keep you “front of mind” in your network and attract a lot of followers. Updates increase “engagement” with your network, which means they are more likely to contact you when the timing is right to buy your product or service.
It helps to include a catchy image, link to a slideshow or video (even a 3rd-party YouTube video).
For Updates you want:
1-3 updates per day
Curated content with attention-getting images or videos
One-third educational, one-third inspirational and one-third self-serving. If all you do is post about your company’s offerings people will turn off and view you as just another sales person. Make sure you provide value.
KEEP IT BUSINESS! (It’s easy to ruin your credibility doing this. Make sure you increase your credibility by only posting helpful business-related information.)
FYI – Skipping content production will lead to much lower results from this LinkedIn strategy.

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To speak with a LinkedIn Content Marketing expert about applying these strategies in your business please visit


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