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Home » Living with a Rural Village Family – Country life vlog in ALBANIA 2022 🇦🇱 [Ep. 3]

Living with a Rural Village Family – Country life vlog in ALBANIA 2022 🇦🇱 [Ep. 3]

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Albanian Village Life:

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I started solo travelling in 2013 and left Indonesia in 2016 to pursue full-time travelling while at the same time documenting my journey as I explore different cultures as a solo female traveller.

Having initially travelled for 5 months throughout Asia, I moved to China in January 2017 for an English teaching job, which was my first experience living abroad.

Since leaving China in 2018, I have taken the move to become a full-time YouTube creator and traveller. I strive to create unique, culture-driven content and capture authentic interactions as I travel.


38 thoughts on “Living with a Rural Village Family – Country life vlog in ALBANIA 2022 🇦🇱 [Ep. 3]”

  1. Am enjoying watching your Albanian series. I still dream of one day travelling to the Balkan countries but meanwhile I'll enjoy travelling with you virtually, Syifa. Thank you for the three vlogs so far…

  2. Zrób odcinek o traktowaniu kobiet w Albanii, o sprzedaźy dziewczyn np. do Włoch na autostradę ,szczególnie tych, które nie mają ojca ani braciPotrafią nawet udawać narzeczonego a potem wystawić do prostytuowania się czerpiąc z tego zyski.

  3. Glad to see you have immersed yourself fully in the pleasant village life style of Albania and gave us an insight into authentic life style of Albanian people. I think this kind of immersive vlog will bring a new dimension into your vlog works.

  4. Could never understand the hate between serbs and albanians, they have much more in common is they are aware off, both people in both countries are very hospitable and inviting.

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