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Home » Local SEO Training Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 413

Local SEO Training Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 413

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00:00 Announcement

14:58 Hey SEO Dudes, I was thinking about adding a domain name to one of my cloud stacks and linking the pages using both URLs. Internally and off page back and forth. Am I just thinking stupidity or would there be some benefit?

21:48 hey guys I remember a while ago Marco saying he iframed a website into his content and outranked the original page with his page. This doesn’t make sense to me as I have heard iframes pass power both ways so wouldnt the source get a boost from his page? Is there a way to iframe other content without benefiting the other site but boosting our own pages?

32:40 how can you monetize a rank and rent site while your building up rankings and don’t have a client secured to lease out the website leads? Want to be careful to not end up making my business too reliant on that and have options to monetize if they leave or it takes longer to secure someone

39:39 how would you approach getting reputation management clients for ongoing press releases and brand content to protect company name keywords in the serps?

47:49 Is there a way we can leverage other search engines like yahoo and aol to help our entity or schema?

49:36 How would you go about managing multiple affiliate accounts for lots of different sites e.g. 5 wallmart affiliate accounts for 5 blogs and 10 adsense accounts. Worried about footprints ans having to constantly sign in to multiple browser tabs.

52:16 Is there any benefits to pointing a custom domain name via dns to a google site? Does it matter if it is having spammy links

43:41 Hi guys. Do you have more LocalFury test results you can show us for the past few months and do you have an estimate amount of signals being sent for Low Comp. Thanks

56:26 Hey, What anchors do you recommend now a days as the Tier 1, Is it some how correct that 60-70% Just Brand Name and Naked URLs, 15% Generic, 5% Exact match… And what this should be for a Simple Blog Site.


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