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Local SEO Training Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 416

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00:00 Announcement

12:57 Hey guys Bradley talks a lot about topical links but have a question. How are these different to a niche relevant pbn? Also are these sites generating any traffic or just purely for linkbuilding?

36:22 Hey guys whats a relatively simple to fulfill linkbuilding type we can offer to clients or other agencies. Getting requests from some agencies that want to outsource their linkbuilding to my agency?

37:50 hey guys getting into affiliate marketing and have an older blog that is currently monetized with a specific offer. The platform takes a while to approve new accounts due to traffic etc, I would like to scale up my presence in this niche and have lots of smaller websites promoting similar offers, how can I go about getting new affiliate links for these other sites. I don’t want to use the same affiliate link as it will cause footprints, is there a way to somehow have a unique link that goes to the same place?

39:43 hey guys, in the past I remember Bradley saying he has had some success building out directories for leadgen around a specific industry. Looking to pull off something similar for a industry vertical I can offer services to. Would you make it free or one-time or recurring fee? Aside from leadgen is there any other monetization we could do or benefits to making it free?

44:50 How would you approach ongoing linkbuilding for a large network of local mass page sites with hundreds of pages each?

48:10 Do you have any high quality recommendations for whitelabel PPC google ad providers for agencies that can help us to do ad campaigns for clients

49:01 Would it help to write a summary of our service pages and iframe the corresponding service money site page into new html cloud pages across yaccs?

49:26 I just started the GBP Optimization Process in Flowster, What is the average price your are charging to manage a GBP? I am also setting up the Directory my client knows I will be selling him leads as soon I get some sites built and ranked but I need to get him some traffic and me make money now. I am in some other groups and have an Idea but I don’t want to under value myself. Thank You.

53:26 What product would you recommend if you had to use just one product to help an SEO Local Campaign, with no concerns about price?

56:03 What’s the difference between Syndication Academy and Mastermind?

57:15 How do you find your VA/staff members for Google Ads? Are you using VAs from the Philippines? Any English language issues?

59:31 A competitor is attempting negative SEO against our money site by creating hundreds of links from articles on Web 2.0 blog network pages. The content quality on the linking pages is pretty variable but is on topic. Each page includes multiple links to our pages with keywords we target and rank for as the anchor text.I’m playing wac-a-mole disavowing the domains each week. So far we have not received a penalty (our site is strong) but I am concerned that it is only a matter of time. We have much deeper pockets than the competitor – is there anything else we can do?Also, I understand that disavows can take up to 6 weeks to get acted on. So, am I resetting the clock each time be disavowing weekly? If I refresh the disavow file weekly, could it be that the new disavows are never getting processed.

01:07:59 Do you have any recommendations for getting citations indexed?

01:10:06 I just watched a few videos about CORA. Seems interesting but a lot of information to look at. Would you say could provide similar info in a better format?

01:10:35 What is the startup page software do you use for your bookmarks? something like


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