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Location Independence: How to Make Money While Traveling the World

If you want to work remotely – whether it be while traveling or from home – then you’ve got a challenge ahead of you. However, it IS possible, and you can do it either as an employee or as your own boss.

In this video, I’ll give you tips from my experience for doing it both ways, and I’ll share several resources for finding jobs and improving your skills as well.

My book “10 Steps to Earning Awesome Grades” is completely free, so check it out if you’re interested in improving your grades!

Things I mentioned in this video:

The Ultimate Guide to Freelancing in College –

Roberto Blake –
The Personal MBA by Josh Kaufman –
Vagabonding by Rolf Potts –
33 Best Travel Jobs –
NomadList –
RemoteBase – –
WeWorkRemotely –
HackerNews article –
Fun For Louis (vlogger I mentioned) –
Syd and Mackie –


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34 thoughts on “Location Independence: How to Make Money While Traveling the World”

  1. For people with minimal skills, work experience, or the fortitude to start your own business get a job working for a fundraising company that'll allow you to work from "home". There are plenty of them in the U.S. and they'll hire anyone. Set up a car that's livable, get a good cell phone, get a laptop, mobile hotspot and your can travel constantly. Just park your car and male calls when your scheduled.

  2. Your from denver! Sko buffs let's go Rockies, and who cares about the Broncos but still rocky mountain living! I cant believe you live in the same state as me thats so cool. Dont worry I don't want to meet up but its dope we are in the same state. Enjoy the Colorado life!!

  3. Hi Thomas/Youtubers, How are you? Thanks for the video very informative I tell you and I wanted add that I am apart of an amazing travel business that allows travelling to major countries at a WAY lower cost when you are a member. I would appreciate it if you or other serious person who loves travelling could reach out to me and if also interested in the business aspect of it you can buzz me. My cell is 1 876 512 6665 Shiloh Isreal much prosperity

  4. It'd be cool to hear your take on the common critique (and my personal biggest gripe with) the Tim Ferriss approach to life as espoused in this video: for him, it seems that the purpose of a vocation is just to earn money and the content of one's work doesn't matter, which is how one ends up with his whole "e-commerce supplement sales at a mark-up" type of business plan. But what if one wants to do work that has more meaning than enabling one's hedonistic urges? e.g. most any private firm producing anything of any value, governments, financial sector, ngo's, etc. [i.e. most organizations] – is it possible to engage in (part-time) nomadism if one does not work in the creative / software sectors without having to give up all sense of occupational integrity?

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  6. Really inspired about this video. We are at the first steps of making videos for youtube and this whole thing begins all because I really love travel. Wanted to mention that I have a big desire to know whole the world, other cultures and to experience those thing that for a long time were a dream for me. Not to much money for exploring and still a beginner of youtube, but really a great desire to share with other people what I see. I hope one day to reach more viewers. Please feel free to know and support us. Love u all

  7. I'm 17 and don't know how to do this, I have 2 different routes that I want to pursue. One is Traveling but the other one is going to college where I live and work on getting a good paying job to buy a nice house and various other valuable and investment assets.

  8. Regarding teaching english in another country, do you have to know that country’s language? Or are you teaching intermediate classes where they can already speak english?

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